Team Strip Match is out!

My newest adult game is now released and free for download. That doesn’t mean I’m done with it. The models and animations could use more polish and the UI could be better. However, it is totally playable. You can download it below:!fRBkRb6S!CdtIE4azlkJ6_cS14Rf3Pt2FM2hQ0XJFUMuMp2MwG78

If you missed my earlier post, this is a 3 vs 3, guys vs girl, strip card game. You play as the boys team and win if you can completely strip the girls team. To do so, you will want to collect sets of a single card and use them on the opposing team. You need at least 3 of a kind to use a card ability. Each additional card causes the effect to hit another opponent.

I’ve included some basic camera controls in your main view. WASDQE all move the camera. You can hit R to reset it.



If you have any questions or comments about the game, you can ask here. Before anyone asks, here’s my list of things I plan to continue working on:

  • Textures and shaders aren’t great for some of the character models. I should be able to improve them with some work.
  • More commentary and animations for existing characters
  • A character select screen to allow you to mix up the teams
  • Better music. That royalty-free music is very royalty free, but maybe I can find something more unjoyable
  • More characters. Probably pulled from my other released and unreleased games. (I may make these a Patreon Supporters reward, I haven’t decided yet)
  • Some sexy stuff for eliminated characters while they wait for the game to finish

Remember, if you enjoy this and my other games, please consider supporting me on Patreon. That money is going into current and existing projects. This one in particular was made possible by my generous Patrons. Thank you all.


  1. Not a bad idea I think, it took a bit getting used too though. Its different seeing a game from you using graphics instead of text though!

    Still the Arousal things seems way too strong, personally. It isn’t too hard to get it twice and instant strip the girls. And I know its a game balance thing, but it is a bit odd the guys can remove their underwear under their pants…

    I think its a pretty good idea though, interested to see where it might go!

    1. Fluster reduces maximum hand size by 1. Arousal is an alternate elimination condition. If someone is aroused twice, they are eliminated.

  2. Just read this so I haven’t played this yet, but regarding your last paragraph I think you might be selling yourself a little short on Patreon. Most of the Patreon pages I’ve seen usually reserve the $1 tier for either news feed or simple thanks kind of rewards, not usually content. Perhaps you could either create a $3 tier for the early release content or use that for the $5 tier and still allow people to vote, but save the credits thanks and maybe something else for a higher tier like $8 or $10.

  3. Uh oh, first game I got stuck and unable to continue after the girls’ first move to strip our underwear even though we still had all our clothes on. The Continue button remained greyed-out and the dialogue never progressed.

  4. I know you prefer on going donations through patreon, but is there any way you accept one time donations instead? through paypal or something along those lines?

    1. Paypal doesn’t allow adult content and will in fact seize your entire balance if they see you using it for such content. Before I was on Patreon, I set up a donation page via Stripe, but everyone hated it so I eventually removed it.

      1. …well.

        I actually did not know that part about paypal. Ill…errr…not be doing that specifically then. moving on then, so the final answer is that there actually is not a way to do a one time donation?

        1. Only option would be to support on Patreon and then cancel after a payment processes at the beginning of the month. Sorry.

  5. A couple minor things I encountered for your bug/improvement list šŸ™‚

    – When you hit Caroline twice with arousal it claims she starts masturbating but there isn’t an animation (at least if you hit her twice with a level 2 one, I didn’t try using a level 1 arousal on her to knock her out)
    – It’s a little too easy I find. I had to really try to lose and even trying I only ended up with two guys out and the third in his underwear before I gave up and took out the girls. Sarah was up for the girls and she seemed to be very defensive, didn’t really attack and definitely didn’t go for clothes. Maybe a difficulty setting would be good?

    Great game though, I enjoyed playing through it a few times.

  6. Since you’re developing with unity, can you consider putting a linux build online too? In Unity that should be about 2 clicks, nothing more, and you’d be doing your linux community a great favor :3

    1. Can do. It’ll take me a while to get it uploaded to mega and depositfile, but I’ll have some links for you shortly.

  7. Every time I launch the game it crashes. I have tried running it with administrator rights, but it crashes right as the game is supposed to launch. It says that it fails to create renderTexture

    1. From what I can tell by checking on the Unity forums, this is an issue with Unity that comes up from time to time. What OS are you running?

  8. Fun game šŸ™‚ I cant wait what future holds šŸ™‚ Now its easy but i think you gonna get it better šŸ™‚

    Thanks for these games!

  9. I’ve played the game a several times and its looking good. Sometimes I win and the other time I lose. No problem. Changed my tactics. Will there be updates? šŸ™‚ I’ve read that you are bissy with it but wil it comes?

    Thx 4 the pleasure

    1. Team Strip Match isn’t a really high priority right now since not a lot of people have showed much interest in it. I do still want to put out some improvements in the not too distant future including:
      Better lighting, which should make the models look less flat
      Fixing some rough and missing animations
      Adding a character selection menu to create custom teams
      Hopefully adding a couple more characters

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