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Night Games – Done With Finals

Hi all,

Here’s a quick update to celebrate the fact that I actually have some time to work on Night Games. This isn’t a big update overall, but I wanted to get the art commissions into the game sooner rather than later. I have a bunch of small writing tasks coming up, which I haven’t done in awhile, so we’ll see how long it takes me to get up to speed.

People have been asking me for the ability to put yourself into a submissive position for months now, and I finally decided to make a dedicated skill tree for it. My plan is to make it not completely useless, but still probably underpowered compared to the other skills. You can grab the first level in the XXX Store after level 5. I’ll put an actual NPC there soon.!3Y5Xjb5K!3n1EIPBAQ3kP4rKbEnlE6LGIVOFC5gm0JDTPMRKQ_ls


Fixed an issue where Reyka’s dominant portrait caused the game to crash
Fixed an issue where the potions menu wasn’t cleared, causing it to fill with duplicate buttons
Advanced training cost now increases by $500 per level instead of $1000
Fixed an issue where the Workshop wasn’t charging Mara the full price
Bolded a lot of encounter text to make it more noticeable
Cleared text when evaluating fight or flight to make it more readable
Added image for Blowjob, drawn by Phanaxial
Added image for Footjob, drawn by Sky Relyks
Added image for Dissolving Solution by Sky Relyks
Mood decay rate is now exponential outside of combat
Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck if they player had all available feats
Dissolving Solution’s status now lasts another turn
New Science skill: Fabricator
New Fetish skill: Bondage Straps
New Arcane skill: Mage Armor
New Feat: Fast Learner
New Advanced Attribute: Submissive
Placeholder for Submissive trainer in XXX Store after level 5
New Submissive skill: Dive
New Submissive skill: Cowardice
New Submissive skill: Stumble
Reduced NPC Attribute growth