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Night Games Wiki being rebuilt

I just finished installing Dokuwiki on the webserver where I’m hosting this blog and the forum. It’s a it less user-friendly than Wikia, but there’s no risk of it suddenly getting removed.

I exported the contents of the old wiki when it was taken down. The syntax is a little different, so it’ll take some time for me to get everything copied into the new one.

The wiki should be accessible at the address below:

There are only a few pages right now, but I’ll try to get everything copied over today. Once everything is back to the state the old wiki was, I’ll spend some time updating and organizing everything.

Night Games – ETNG b4

Hi everybody!
It’ll be a while before the next content patch, but there are a bunch of bugfixes and tweaks that I wanted to make available in the meantime.
  • Adjusted the likelihood of gaining Speed by playing video games. It’s much higher than before, but decreases each time you gain a point.
  • Added messages to Video Games when failing to increase speed, to provide better feedback.
  • Each time you fail to increase speed while playing Video Games, it improves the likelihood of succeeding next time.
  • Character creation will now strip spaces from names to prevent later crashes
  • Reduced the rate that NPCs gain Affection with each other
  • Fixed a bug where Yui would not be recruitable if all other unlockable NPCs are already recruited
  • Added a check to all skills that create clothing to make sure user is not currently having sex
  • Added player affection to stats information provided by information broker
  • Fixed an issue with phantom images appearing using Hard AI
  • Clothing store now displays protection value and special properties of each piece of clothing
  • Clothing Change GUI now displays protection value and special properties of each piece of clothing
  • Maybe fixed an issue (unconfirmed), where player could not set their outfit to nude
  • Added a small check to ensure threesome scenes do not randomly occur more than once a day
  • Yui’s starting affection is now based on how much you visited her during the day before recruiting her
  • Changed report of Status effects to refer to characters by name
  • Damage reports now report the value after calculating traits and modifiers, rather than the raw value
  • Fixed a crash if player loses a fight without any underwear assigned
  • Changed the Clothing Change options so players must select a piece of underwear

Night Games – Enter the Ninja Girl b3 (Public Release)

Hi Everybody!

It’s been a week since the last Patron release, which means it is now available to everybody!

You can either get it from the attachment in the Patreon post, or you can download it from this Mega link

This release includes fixes for the bugs that have been reported over the course of the week. It also includes the art for Strip Tease, which wasn’t quite done in time for the Patron release. For $5+ tier Patrons, I posted an update for the Premium version that contains these additions.

Like I mentioned last week, there’s a forum now here:

If you want to talk about the game or report bugs, it would really help me out if you posted there. If you want to talk about other games, that would be great too. Really anything to give the forum some traffic.


  • Yui can now be unlocked as an opponent by talking to Aesop after she pledges her loyalty and you’ve visited her a few times
  • Art for Slime pet
  • Art for Dominate skill (player and NPC)
  • Art for Fondle Breasts (clothed and topless)
  • Art for Tickle (player initiated)
  • Removed the Locator action. It was never designed to work with this Action system and it crashes whenever I change the UI.
  • Added a missing decimal to Footjob damage calculation, it will no longer do 100x more damage than intended
  • Added another Angel pegging scene by Jotor for players with high submission
  • Fixed Mara gaining double stat gains at high rank
  • Nerfed Fitness Nut and Expert Googler traits. They now add a fixed +1 to stat gains instead of doubling them
  • To help reduce the wild variations in NPC stats late game, NPCs will no longer exercise and watch porn as daytime activities
  • NPCs now have fixed Stamina and Arousal gain on levelup
  • Made NPCs more likely to buy advanced attribute training during the day
  • NPCs now use more of their day visiting each other
  • All NPCs can now visit the Workshop to upgrade their toys after rank 1
  • Maya now has upgraded sex toys when she appears
  • Goodnight Kiss now requires a Sedative in addition to its Mojo cost
  • Yui will provide sedatives at high Ninjutsu, you can also make them in the Chemistry Lab
  • Fixed the bug in the Challenge Seeker perk, I think
  • If an NPC has a portraitset and not a spriteset, the portrait will be displayed when sprites are enabled
  • Being unable to act now gives a penalty of -999 evasion, which should cause all skills to hit
  • Carry and Fly now deal pleasure when initiated, identical to Fuck
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Samantha’s Professional upgrades from working with Lick Pussy and Finger
  • Fixed a bug where the Dirty Fighter perk’s damage bonus wasn’t applying for players
  • Fixed a bug where the sprite sometimes showed a character’s new costume while they stil wore the old one.
  • Fixed a bug where Mara would buy multiple ticklers
  • Increased the stamina cost and calming effect of Sacrifice
  • Shredding Palm is now capable of knocking down an opponent, like vanilla Shove
  • Reimplemented Samantha’s upgraded Striptease that causes Charmed
  • Increased the effectiveness of Strip EX
  • Increased the effectiveness of Bra Master and Panty Peeler traits
  • Substantially nerfed Drain Energy
  • Minor changes to knockdown probability
  • In all double team encounters, the sprites for both girls should be shown if available
  • Fiddled with title screen scaling so it looks a bit less janky
  • Location descriptions now always appear at the top for better readability
  • Added sprites/portraits to most relevant noncombat scenes
  • Added more spacing to several scenes for readability
  • Other miscellaneous UI improvements
  • Added reports when characters take damage or get statuses, similar to what is in the mod.
  • Damage reports are dependent on having high enough Perception
  • Damage reports require a change to each skill, please let me know if I missed any
  • Damage reports can be disabled in options
  • Added three Ki training scenes, one by KVernik
  • Added a Science training scene
  • Added the missing Hypnosis skills:
  • Humiliate applies Shamed to the target, repeat uses dramatically increase the effect
  • Enflame Lust applies Horny to the target, repeat uses dramatically increase the effect
  • Crush Pride deals Temptation damage based on the number of stacks of Shamed, a good finisher after using Humiliate
  • Added a new Angel double team scene against NPCs with dicks
  • The success rate of gaining speed from Video Games is now positively influenced by Perception
  • Added “Ultimate” skills to each of the advanced attributes that unlock at 30 points:
  • Arcane gets Mana Fortification, which costs a lot of Mojo, but briefly buffs Power, Seduction, and Speed
  • Dark gets Lust Overflow, which inflicts horny on self, but all sex skills do 300% pleasure damage
  • Science gets Matter Converter, which converts all your clothing into a powerful bind attack
  • Ki gets Pleasure Bomb, a powerful pleasure attack that consumes all stamina, but does double damage against stunned opponents
  • Animism gets Pheromone Pink Overdrive, which makes the target’s arousal match the user’s
  • Fetish gets Nymphomania, which consumes a fetish goblin to inflict multiple status effects
  • Ninjutsu gets Fertility Rite, which can only be used on an incapacitated target, but causes intense arousal over time
  • Fixed a bug with starting max arousal
  • Players now start with some cash
  • On easy difficulty, Players start with much more cash
  • Fixed a crash when opponent uses Double Strip to a topless player
  • Moved the messages for Bunshin Assault and Bunshin Service to make them more readable
  • Fixed the gender misidentification in Bunshin Assault and Bunshin Service
  • Art for Strip Tease(NPC initiated)Premium Only:
  • Art for Angel’s 1st Sex scene
  • Art for Angel’s 2nd Games scene
  • Art for Cassie’s 1st Games scene
  • Art for Cassie’s 2nd Sex scene
  • Art for Jewel’s 1st Sex scene
  • Art for Jewel’s 1st Games scene
  • Art for Mara’s 1st Games scene
  • Art for Mara’s 2nd Sex scene

Bugfix and Premium Art Sample

Hi everybody!

So some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I found some severe bugs in the Most recent release. If you previously downloaded the game, make sure to pick up the bugfix. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

The good news is unrelated, but you can pretend it’s part of the apology. AimlessArt put together the above samples of the art in the Premium version, so you guys can get a taste before deciding whether to support us. The art in the game is all uncensored.