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Happy New Year from Silver Bard Games

Today is the last day of the year, and since I don’t have any exciting plans tonight, I wanted to take some time to look back on where we’ve come in the past year, and where we’re planning to go next year. While there’s plenty to be said about the state of the world or one of the best years of video game releases, I’m going to limit my scope to Silver Bard Games.

The first and biggest change was partnering with AimlessArt and turning my one-man development site into an actual team. Technically, he started last December, but his work didn’t get released until last year. This was frankly a huge stroke of luck for me. When I started looking for an artist to recruit, I wasn’t expecting someone of his experience and skill to respond. I was nowhere near able to pay what his work was worth. He took a big risk partnering with me and I’m glad to finally be able to pay him properly.

The influx of art was a huge boon for Night Games. Character sprites was never something I had planned, but they improved the game far more than the equivalent amount of inline art. I appreciated Nergantre’s portraits, but having a quick visual indicator of the opponents’ state of dress and arousal is a big deal. I think this was a key factor in finding a wider audience for the game.

An event this year that I was quite pleased by, though many of you may not have noticed it, was the release of Trounce Tickle Tease. This was a small rock-paper-scissors game I put together to get some practice with Ren’Py. It was exactly the sort of small, cohesive game that is poison for Patreon, but I always enjoy seeing. I originally wasn’t planning to release the game and just use it as practice, but testing the early build was more fun than I expected. It was also a good tonal match for the other games I had put out, the light-hearted competition of Night Games with the giddy sexual exploration of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Unfortunately, with AimlessArt busy working on Night Games and the sudden disappearance of the other artist I routinely commissioned, the art for T3 ended up both more expensive and less consistent than I was used to. Still, I’m glad I was able to finish and release it. While the response to the game was very quiet, the people who did play the game seemed to enjoy it. More importantly, it was proof that I could handle a side project while still continuing development of Night Games. Perhaps sometime in the near future, I’ll have the extra art and writing budget to add the additional endings I’ve planned out.

The biggest event of the year as far as our Patreon is concerned was the release of the premium version of Night Games. This was something I had planned before I hired an artist, but I was still concerned about how people would respond. Since I make games as a hobby rather than a career, I want to put out complete and satisfying versions of my games for free whenever possible. However, if we want more out of our games than I can do alone, we need money to hire people. Making a version of the game with some bonus art for our patrons seemed like a reasonable compromise. The fact that our Patreon income tripled the month after releasing it makes me feel like that was the right decision.

As far as other improvements for our flagship project, Night Games, I probably shouldn’t rehash the last several change logs. The game is quite a bit more balanced, stable, and full of content compared to a year ago. At this point I feel comfortable saying the game’s development is not just mature, but within sight of completion. There’s plenty more content we’d love to add both before and after our 1.0 release, but we’re beginning work on the last big milestone. With that in mind, let’s discuss plans for the coming year. I’ll probably post this next part to various forums, for all the people who don’t care about the rambling retrospective I just wrote.

In 2018, we can predict a much higher budget than I’ve been used to working with. Half of that is earmarked for art, which we should be able to put out at a faster rate than usual. I am working on something on a side project, which I’ll talk about later, but I expect most of our art production is going to continue to be for Night Games.

I’m happy to report that the sprites for Reyka and Eve are complete and will be in the next update for the game. Before you get too excited, there’s still plenty of work to do before that update is finished. I asked AimlessArt to finish the sprites first because they were a Patreon goal, but I always plan multiple months worth of content for each update.

Meanwhile, I’ve already told people who have asked what the next gameplay change I’m adding is. Currently participants have matches all seven nights of the week. I figure that’s probably pretty exhausting, so I’m giving everyone Sunday nights off. On this night off, players will have the opportunity for longer, more involved events than they get in the daytime. I haven’t sorted out all the mechanical ramifications of this, but I’m working on it.

In proportion to the whole of Night Games, that’s a fairly minor addition. The big obvious thing the game still needs is an end. I’ve already laid some groundwork for the game’s neutral ending, which is going to focus on investigating and meeting the mysterious Benefactor who is funding everything. However, I figure that’s less interesting to most players than the character specific routes, so I don’t want to implement it first.

A long while back, I storyboarded the events of Mara’s routes and implemented her specialization skillset. I ended up shelving that when I added more work to improving usability, but she’s still probably going to be the route I finish first. I have Cassie’s and Angel’s routes mostly planned out along with their specializations, so one of them will probably be next. The biggest question mark is Jewel. I have some ideas for her, but nothing concrete yet. I may make endings for some of the unlockable opponents, but that’s not planned yet.

On the subject of Night Games, people occasionally ask me for the source code so they can extract scenes or develop mods. I decided to upload the source to Gitlab, since they’re apparently more tolerant of adult content than Github. I’m not storing any of the art in the repository, so you’ll still need to come to either the blog or Patreon to get new builds. I’m also not sure how frequently I’m going to push my local source to the repo. However, if you want to look at my code for whatever reason, you should be able to clone and build from

However, Silver Bard Games is more than just Night Games. Before Night Games is done, we need to figure out what will replace it as our main project. To minimize downtime, I plan to start development of the next major game as a side project. As many of you may remember, I’ve put off finishing the 3rd girl for Seven Minutes in Heaven so long that it’s essentially a running gag. I will eventually finish that. I’d also like to add some more endings to Trounce Tickle Tease. However, those are both nice compact games without a lot of room for expansion. Neither of those is going to replace Night Games.

I’m currently working on a proof of concept for an RPG about monster girls, taking a lot of design inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise. Thematically, it plays with the idea of a non-combat focused adventurer. In most fantasy video games, the vocabulary of the adventurer is all about fighting. However, high fantasy is full of intelligent magical humanoids who probably require more tact than simply hitting them with swords. This is a game about playing a specialist who finds creative solutions to conflicts involving monstergirls, often with seduction.

Mechanically, this will be a turn based RPG, but I want each enemy to be a unique puzzle with multiple solutions, similar to an Undertale pacifist run. Much like the Monster Hunter games research, preparation, and observation of each type of enemy will be critical. There will be no random battles, only quests, so you’ll have the opportunity (and expectation) to prepare for each encounter.

When I say I’m putting together a proof of concept, I’m not talking about a demo. I’ve never seen this type of combat does in a turn based RPG, so I actually do need to make sure it’s viable. If someone else has seen RPG combat done like this, please send me the game title so I can use it as reference. If this prototype is successful, it’ll have plenty of room for expansion and will be a worthy successor to Night Games when that is finished.

There’s probably more I could talk about for the upcoming year, but this post is already incredibly long. If you have any questions or comments, I’m always listening. If you’d like to support Silver Bard Games ongoing work, our Patreon is at I’ll end this post with a friendly reminder that all $5+ supporters gain access to a premium version of Night Games containing more than a dozen bonus event CG.

Night Games – Cats, Escorts and Grudges Public Release!

Hi Everybody!

It’s been a week since the current update released for Patrons, so you know what that means. It’s now available for everyone!

Mega Link

This update obviously includes the sprites for Kat and Samantha that were our $400 Patreon goals. You’d never know it by looking at our current Patreon status, but we actually hit that goal quite recently. We’re going to have the sprites for Reyka and Eve in the next major update.

We’ve also got a lot of major mechanical changes designed to let you tailor the game difficulty and pace to your tastes. Old saves are compatible, but you may want to start a new game to take a look at the new modifiers that are available.

If you want to discuss the game, please consider clicking on that Forum link in the nav bar. It’s pretty quiet right now, but I’m hoping more people will join.

The full change log is very long and only a post back, so I’m not going to paste it in a again. Just scroll down a bit.

Night Games – Cats, Escorts, and Grudges is now available to Patreon supporters

Hi Everybody!
The new major update for Night Games is ready for release, and it’s an exciting one! We have the sprites for Kat and Samantha that were promised in our $400 goal. The sprites for Reyka and Eve will be next.
If you’re supporting at the $5 or above tier, you can download the premium build here.
If you’re supporting at a lower tier, you can download the standard build here.
If you aren’t supporting at all, you have two options. First, it’s not too late to become a patron. Just $1 a month will get you the early release. If you’re not interested in that, the standard build will be available to the public in a week.
I want to take a moment to thank Veroen for the suggestions he posted in the forum. The two biggest mechanical additions, the Grudge System and Challenge Mode, were based on his suggestions.
For anyone with a passing familiarity with Shadow of Wardor, the Grudge System is like a light version of the Nemesis system. After you beat an NPC, she’ll get a grudge buff the next time you fight her that night. These grudges are mostly unique to each character based on their fighting style and personality. This will give you something extra to deal with if you keep picking on the same NPC repeatedly.
The Challenge Mode makes use of the handicap system that was already in the game. Instead of being offered handicaps for bonus money, in Challenge Mode, you’ll be automatically given a handicap each night. I’ve also added some more handicap types to make sure there’s a variety. This will be great for players that find the vanilla game a bit too easy, but don’t want to use the Hard AI.
Now I’m glad that the Hard AI is in the game, because I know some players are really fond of it. Thank you Jos for making it. However, I’ve never found it fun to play against. Optimized behavior is just too predictable for my taste. I’m glad that we have an alternative now.
The last addition I want to talk about is something that no one complained about, but bugged me during testing. NPCs that equip strap-on dildos now show them in their sprite. AimlessArt even went the extra mile to give each one a unique design.
  • Added Sprite and clothing for Kat
  • Added Sprite and clothing for Samantha
  • Sprites now show when strapons are equiped
  • Some tweaks to Yui’s sprite
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect underwear detection
  • Implemented a new Dummy class that lets me add sprites with different expressions and states of dress to scenes
  • Added sprites to Tutorial
  • Added sprites to several daytime scenes that were missing them
  • Remade several of the Horny expressions
  • Old Fuck art is now associated with the Missionary position rather than the specific skill
  • Added Cowgirl art
  • Added Carry art
  • Fixed a crash involving Masochism status and the hard AI
  • Fixed a crash talking to Yui with portraits enabled
  • Added portraits for Yui (They’re just cropped sprites, but better than nothing)
  • Added Angry expression for Yui
  • Training now only increases stats for the Character that initiates it
  • Fixed some flagging to handle improbable event collisions
  • Fixed some flagging to prevent threesome scenes from appearing multiple times in a day
  • Nerfed Dark Tendrils, it now costs more Arousal and does not scale as strongly with Dark
  • Nerfed Binding, it does not scale as strongly with Arcane
  • Bind (zipties and handcuffs) are now only usable against targets in immobile submissive positions.
  • Reduced the amount Advanced training scales per Attribute point.
  • Active Imagination weakness now applies a uniform +50% to all Temptation damage
  • Mojo can no longer be reduced below 0
  • Fixed an issue where Toy Master perk was not being applied correctly
  • Base stamina regen per turn is now 2% of max stamina instead of flat 1
  • Added some bolding to improve Challenge readability
  • Challenges now add an item to you inventory that you can reference if you forget your goal
  • Added some new possible results to cooking based on Science and Ninjutsu
  • Added Super Energy Drink, doubles the stamina regen of normal energy drink
  • Added Eve defeat scene by Onyxdime
  • Fixed a major issue with Substitute used by NPCs
  • Fixed some behind the scenes position behavior for NPC only fights involving penetration
  • Characters can no longer struggle when Enthralled
  • Matches will now continue until player finishes ongoing actions
  • This should prevent issues where the match ends twice
  • Separated match scoring screen from postmatch events
  • Had to move Patreon supporter credits to their own dialog
  • Added $ to store prices for clarity
  • Cynical status now reduces Temptation damage by 25% instead of a flat 5
  • Shamed status no longer triggers Cynical
  • Shamed status is now more severe, inflicting a stackable -10% damage penalty to many skills
  • Spank no longer calms the target
  • Unsuccessful Struggle and Escape attempts cause positions to decay faster, making future attempts more likely to succeed
  • Fixed Invite being usable with pants on
  • Fixed requirements of Fly to make it accessible to players
  • Fly no longer requires 15 mojo (it didn’t spend it anyway)
  • Face Fuck’s Shamed status now scales with Fetish
  • Reversal now maintains penetration, similar to Struggle
  • Pleasure bonus from Lickable weakness changed from 30% to 50%
  • Insatiable weakness now leaves character at 50% arousal after victory
  • Reduced the damage bonus from Ticklish weakness
  • New Submissive skill: Buck
  • Winded status negates all stamina damage, preventing characters from being stun-locked as easily
  • The AI should no longer attempt stamina attacks at winded opponents
  • Increased the amount most pain attacks cause Angry
  • Pain damage now pushes NPCs toward Angry based on magnitude
  • Temptation damage now pushes NPCs toward Horny based on magnitude
  • Weaken damage now pushes NPCs toward Nervous based on magnitude
  • Heal now pushes NPCs toward Confident based on magnitude
  • Changed Match Handicaps to give percentage bonus instead of flat bonus
  • Rewrote a bunch of Match Handicap related stuff for Challenge Mode
  • Underwear-only handicap now allows undershirts as well
  • Added Handicap Mittens: -75% finger proficiency
  • Added Handicap Lame Glasses: negates Mojo generation
  • Added Handicap Ticklish: gives Ticklish weakness
  • Added Handicap Hairtie: gives Achilles Jewels weakness
  • Changed difficulty setting to a group of non-exclusive modifiers during character creation
  • Added Game Modifier – Challenge Mode: Forces the player to accept a handicap each night without a bonus. A good alternative to the Hard AI
  • Added Game Modifier – Short Matches: Matches last 2 hours instead of 3
  • Added Game Modifier – Double XP: Player and NPCs level twice as fast
  • New situational pre-fight dialogue for all characters, referencing things such as state of dress and affection
  • Grudge System: NPCs you defeat will gain a potent buff if you fight them again in the same match
  • Grudge buffs are different for each character and are hinted at in prefight dialogue
  • Cassie Grudge bonuses:
    • Spirited: Mojo gain bonus
    • Determined: Recover Stamina and Arousal when standing up from prone
    • Modestly Dressed: Clothes are harder to remove
    • Overflowing Mana: Spells cost much less Mojo
  • Mara Grudge bonuses:
    • Inspired: Cunning bonus
    • Perfect Plan: Strips player at start of combat
    • Plan B: Consumes an energy drink to heal whenever she would be stunned
    • Experimental Weaponry: Bonus to all sex toy damage
  • Angel Grudge bonuses:
    • Ice Queen: Temptation damage resistance
    • Seductress: Seduction bonus
    • Untouchable: Evasion bonus
    • Succubus Vagina: Increased sex damage
  • Jewel Grudge bonuses:
    • Flash: Speed bonus
    • Powered Up: Power bonus
    • Healing Factor: Stamina regen
    • Confident Dom: Major stat buffs when mood is Confident or Dominant
  • Yui Grudge bonuses:
    • Flash: Speed bonus
    • Ishida 3rd Hidden Art: Returns more pleasure damage during intercourse
    • Ninja Preparation: Binds at start of combat
  • Kat Grudge bonuses:
    • Feral: Get Feral buff regardless of arousal
    • Predator Instincts: Stronger pins
    • Lands on her Feet: Can’t be tripped or knocked down
  • Reyka Grudge bonuses:
    • Overwhelming Darkness: Dark bonus
    • Succubus Vagina: Increases sex damage
    • Enthralling Presence: Enthralls at start of combat
  • Samantha Grudge bonuses:
    • Tantric Breathing: Arousal regen
    • Spare Handcuffs: Gets 2 sets of handcuffs at start of combat
    • Veteran Prostitute: Reduced pleasure damage to vagina
  • Eve Grudge bonuses:
    • Sadistic Mood: Inflicts Masochism at start of combat
    • Defensive Measure: Starts combat wearing a groin protector
    • Revved Up: Seduction and Fetish bonus when aroused
Premium Only:
  • Art for Cassie x Mara threesome
  • Art for Angel 2nd Sex scene
  • Art for Jewel 2nd Sparring scene
  • Art for Mara Faeries scene
  • Art for Yui

Night Games Wiki being rebuilt

I just finished installing Dokuwiki on the webserver where I’m hosting this blog and the forum. It’s a it less user-friendly than Wikia, but there’s no risk of it suddenly getting removed.

I exported the contents of the old wiki when it was taken down. The syntax is a little different, so it’ll take some time for me to get everything copied into the new one.

The wiki should be accessible at the address below:

There are only a few pages right now, but I’ll try to get everything copied over today. Once everything is back to the state the old wiki was, I’ll spend some time updating and organizing everything.

Night Games – ETNG b4

Hi everybody!
It’ll be a while before the next content patch, but there are a bunch of bugfixes and tweaks that I wanted to make available in the meantime.
  • Adjusted the likelihood of gaining Speed by playing video games. It’s much higher than before, but decreases each time you gain a point.
  • Added messages to Video Games when failing to increase speed, to provide better feedback.
  • Each time you fail to increase speed while playing Video Games, it improves the likelihood of succeeding next time.
  • Character creation will now strip spaces from names to prevent later crashes
  • Reduced the rate that NPCs gain Affection with each other
  • Fixed a bug where Yui would not be recruitable if all other unlockable NPCs are already recruited
  • Added a check to all skills that create clothing to make sure user is not currently having sex
  • Added player affection to stats information provided by information broker
  • Fixed an issue with phantom images appearing using Hard AI
  • Clothing store now displays protection value and special properties of each piece of clothing
  • Clothing Change GUI now displays protection value and special properties of each piece of clothing
  • Maybe fixed an issue (unconfirmed), where player could not set their outfit to nude
  • Added a small check to ensure threesome scenes do not randomly occur more than once a day
  • Yui’s starting affection is now based on how much you visited her during the day before recruiting her
  • Changed report of Status effects to refer to characters by name
  • Damage reports now report the value after calculating traits and modifiers, rather than the raw value
  • Fixed a crash if player loses a fight without any underwear assigned
  • Changed the Clothing Change options so players must select a piece of underwear

Night Games – Enter the Ninja Girl b3 (Public Release)

Hi Everybody!

It’s been a week since the last Patron release, which means it is now available to everybody!

You can either get it from the attachment in the Patreon post, or you can download it from this Mega link

This release includes fixes for the bugs that have been reported over the course of the week. It also includes the art for Strip Tease, which wasn’t quite done in time for the Patron release. For $5+ tier Patrons, I posted an update for the Premium version that contains these additions.

Like I mentioned last week, there’s a forum now here:

If you want to talk about the game or report bugs, it would really help me out if you posted there. If you want to talk about other games, that would be great too. Really anything to give the forum some traffic.


  • Yui can now be unlocked as an opponent by talking to Aesop after she pledges her loyalty and you’ve visited her a few times
  • Art for Slime pet
  • Art for Dominate skill (player and NPC)
  • Art for Fondle Breasts (clothed and topless)
  • Art for Tickle (player initiated)
  • Removed the Locator action. It was never designed to work with this Action system and it crashes whenever I change the UI.
  • Added a missing decimal to Footjob damage calculation, it will no longer do 100x more damage than intended
  • Added another Angel pegging scene by Jotor for players with high submission
  • Fixed Mara gaining double stat gains at high rank
  • Nerfed Fitness Nut and Expert Googler traits. They now add a fixed +1 to stat gains instead of doubling them
  • To help reduce the wild variations in NPC stats late game, NPCs will no longer exercise and watch porn as daytime activities
  • NPCs now have fixed Stamina and Arousal gain on levelup
  • Made NPCs more likely to buy advanced attribute training during the day
  • NPCs now use more of their day visiting each other
  • All NPCs can now visit the Workshop to upgrade their toys after rank 1
  • Maya now has upgraded sex toys when she appears
  • Goodnight Kiss now requires a Sedative in addition to its Mojo cost
  • Yui will provide sedatives at high Ninjutsu, you can also make them in the Chemistry Lab
  • Fixed the bug in the Challenge Seeker perk, I think
  • If an NPC has a portraitset and not a spriteset, the portrait will be displayed when sprites are enabled
  • Being unable to act now gives a penalty of -999 evasion, which should cause all skills to hit
  • Carry and Fly now deal pleasure when initiated, identical to Fuck
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Samantha’s Professional upgrades from working with Lick Pussy and Finger
  • Fixed a bug where the Dirty Fighter perk’s damage bonus wasn’t applying for players
  • Fixed a bug where the sprite sometimes showed a character’s new costume while they stil wore the old one.
  • Fixed a bug where Mara would buy multiple ticklers
  • Increased the stamina cost and calming effect of Sacrifice
  • Shredding Palm is now capable of knocking down an opponent, like vanilla Shove
  • Reimplemented Samantha’s upgraded Striptease that causes Charmed
  • Increased the effectiveness of Strip EX
  • Increased the effectiveness of Bra Master and Panty Peeler traits
  • Substantially nerfed Drain Energy
  • Minor changes to knockdown probability
  • In all double team encounters, the sprites for both girls should be shown if available
  • Fiddled with title screen scaling so it looks a bit less janky
  • Location descriptions now always appear at the top for better readability
  • Added sprites/portraits to most relevant noncombat scenes
  • Added more spacing to several scenes for readability
  • Other miscellaneous UI improvements
  • Added reports when characters take damage or get statuses, similar to what is in the mod.
  • Damage reports are dependent on having high enough Perception
  • Damage reports require a change to each skill, please let me know if I missed any
  • Damage reports can be disabled in options
  • Added three Ki training scenes, one by KVernik
  • Added a Science training scene
  • Added the missing Hypnosis skills:
  • Humiliate applies Shamed to the target, repeat uses dramatically increase the effect
  • Enflame Lust applies Horny to the target, repeat uses dramatically increase the effect
  • Crush Pride deals Temptation damage based on the number of stacks of Shamed, a good finisher after using Humiliate
  • Added a new Angel double team scene against NPCs with dicks
  • The success rate of gaining speed from Video Games is now positively influenced by Perception
  • Added “Ultimate” skills to each of the advanced attributes that unlock at 30 points:
  • Arcane gets Mana Fortification, which costs a lot of Mojo, but briefly buffs Power, Seduction, and Speed
  • Dark gets Lust Overflow, which inflicts horny on self, but all sex skills do 300% pleasure damage
  • Science gets Matter Converter, which converts all your clothing into a powerful bind attack
  • Ki gets Pleasure Bomb, a powerful pleasure attack that consumes all stamina, but does double damage against stunned opponents
  • Animism gets Pheromone Pink Overdrive, which makes the target’s arousal match the user’s
  • Fetish gets Nymphomania, which consumes a fetish goblin to inflict multiple status effects
  • Ninjutsu gets Fertility Rite, which can only be used on an incapacitated target, but causes intense arousal over time
  • Fixed a bug with starting max arousal
  • Players now start with some cash
  • On easy difficulty, Players start with much more cash
  • Fixed a crash when opponent uses Double Strip to a topless player
  • Moved the messages for Bunshin Assault and Bunshin Service to make them more readable
  • Fixed the gender misidentification in Bunshin Assault and Bunshin Service
  • Art for Strip Tease(NPC initiated)Premium Only:
  • Art for Angel’s 1st Sex scene
  • Art for Angel’s 2nd Games scene
  • Art for Cassie’s 1st Games scene
  • Art for Cassie’s 2nd Sex scene
  • Art for Jewel’s 1st Sex scene
  • Art for Jewel’s 1st Games scene
  • Art for Mara’s 1st Games scene
  • Art for Mara’s 2nd Sex scene

Bugfix and Premium Art Sample

Hi everybody!

So some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I found some severe bugs in the Most recent release. If you previously downloaded the game, make sure to pick up the bugfix. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

The good news is unrelated, but you can pretend it’s part of the apology. AimlessArt put together the above samples of the art in the Premium version, so you guys can get a taste before deciding whether to support us. The art in the game is all uncensored.