Night Games FAQ

Q: How do I run this? I just have a folder full of class files.

A: Night Games is released as a runnable .jar file. Most zip programs can extract it, but that won’t get you anywhere. Install the Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or newer (you can get it for free from oracle.com), and run the .jar file with java.

Q: Can I play as a woman?

A: No. I had originally planned to implement a female player character at some point, but eventually the game’s development has progressed far enough that it is no longer feasible.

Q: I’m using a Mac and I can’t figure out how to save.

A: Mac OS uses a weird file chooser that can’t create a new file. You can get around that by creating a new text file first (using notepad or whatever the hell Mac uses) and saving into that.

Q: How do I get more characters?

A: There are currently 5 unlockable characters (hopefully I’ll remember to update this when I add more). All characters currently planned will require you to be at least level 10 and most require you to know about some of the advanced skill trainers. The newest characters require you to be level 20 to unlock them. Talk to your information broker and ask about “More Competitors.” If he doesn’t offer the option, you need to buy more information from him first.

Q: Hey, some of these unlockable characters don’t have sprites!

A: Working on it. Our Patreon has reached the goal where all the currently unlockable NPCs will get sprites. They’ll be released in an update in the near future.

Q: How do I strip the girls? It keeps failing.

A: The success rate of strip attacks varies based on the target’s stamina and arousal. If you weaken and arouse her first, you’ll have better chances. Pinning or stunning opponents makes stripping automatically succeed. You can also use items, such as the Dissolving Solution.

Q: The girls escape my pins too fast!

A: The strength of your pin scales with your Power. If you haven’t put any points in power, your pins will be pretty weak. Also pay attention to your stamina. If your opponent has more stamina than you, you won’t be able to hold her very long. If you’re planning a low Power build, focus on strategies that don’t requiring pinning, and carry some zip-ties.

Q: Why is my Mojo meter going up and what does it do?

A: Most normal skills will gain you some Mojo. Mojo is a resource you can use for more powerful skills. Early in the game, you probably won’t have any skills that require Mojo, but it will let you use EX version of normal skills. Mojo empties very quickly between fights, so use it when you have it.

Seven Minutes in Heaven FAQ

Q: Is it possible to have sex with Steph?

A: No. Steph is basically the easy mode character, so I didn’t implement full intercourse with her. You can, however have sex with Alina.

Team Strip Match FAQ

Q: How does the game determine who gets hit when using card effects?

A: The forward player is always targeted first, then it goes through the team from 1st position to last. If the effect is not applicable to the player (using Strip Top and the forward is already topless), they are skipped.