Monthly Archives: December 2016


People who have been following the development of my games for a while will know that I can’t draw more than a stick figure. I’ve been relying on donations and a few small commissions to add visual flair to Night Games. I had a goal on Patreon to hire a dedicated artist, but wasn’t all that close to it. However, I wanted something pretty to show at the end of this long break, so I put together the money I saved from Patreon and started looking for an artist.

Now I am pleased to welcome AimlessArt to the team! As I’m shifting my focus back to working on Night Games as my primary project, he is churning out art to spice up the game’s visual style. This is going to be a huge part of our push to improve the overall visual aesthetics of the game and make it more appealing to mainstream adult games audiences.

In addition to the visual additions and the usual gameplay improvements, I’m going to try to finish a new character (new as in she’ll be a combatant, but you’ve already met her in the game) and some story related sex scenes for Mara that I didn’t get around to before the break.

Also, yes I am still working on the new girl for Seven Minutes in Heaven. The writer’s block is very real, but I’m going to keep working through it until she’s done. She’s not the type of personality I usually write, which is probably why I’m having so much trouble, but her route is pretty interesting. It’ll be worth it when I finish.