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Night Games – Valentine’s Night Off is now available to all patrons

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!
The next major update for Night Games is ready for release, and there’s some great stuff here. If you are a Patron,¬†head over to our Patreon page to download it.
Obviously, we have Reyka and Eve’s sprites done, which means that now all permanent opponents in the game have full sprite sets. This means we’ll have some opportunity to add sprites from some of the secondary NPCs in the near future.
While I’ve been looking for a freelance graphic artist to commission, I decided to try my hand at some basic iconography. I’ve added some icons and effects to sprites to indicate status effects. They’re off by default, but you can turn them on in the Options menu to see if you like them.
There’s a simple, but very significant change to the way penetration stances work now. Sex stances now cause some guaranteed pleasure each turn in addition to whatever skills are used. The amount of pleasure dealt is based on the sex pace, which is controlled by the last Fucking skill that was used. Grind is slow paced, Thrust is medium, and Piston is fast paced.
I’ve also replaced all the Ex Skills with something I’m calling Adaptive Skills. Adaptive Skills have Mojo cost, just like Ex Skills, but they use your highest primary Attribute to calculate damage or success. This means that if you have mojo to spend, you have a decent version of the fundamental skills regardless of your build. This will make a lot of builds more viable.
Another big change is the titular Night Off each week. Sunday nights, instead of have a match, you have opportunities for longer events. There are only a couple events currently, but we’ll have more added soon.
That is because we’ve been reaching out to find additional writers. As long-time supports probably know, I’m a very slow writer. I’m earmarking a chunk of our Patreon income each month to commission additional writing and boost our overall productivity. I’ve requested a single scene each from many freelance writers this month to get an idea of their style. If you particularly like any of the guest written scenes this update, let me know. It’ll make it more likely I commission more work from that writer in the future.
  • Added Reyka’s sprite
  • Added Eve’s sprite
  • Fixed an issue where Lame Glasses handicap triggers Mittens handicap
  • Added an Image option for Exact Match Only.
  • If Exact Match Only is set, skill art will only show up when in combat with the girl depicted in the image.
  • Added a bunch of icons and filters over sprites to visually show active status effects
  • The effects are going to be too cartoony for a lot of people, so I have them off by default, they can be enabled in the Options
  • Added a bunch of error checking for missing images. This shouldn’t be relevant to most people unless the jar file is corrupted
  • If status effects are enabled, they’ll also show up for the player on the clothes diagram in the inventory panel
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where arousal and mojo appear maxed immediately after loading
  • Added tooltips describing all non-combat actions
  • Added a warning before initiating combat if additional opponents are in the same area
  • Removed the Mojo cost for Slime pets
  • Alarm traps are now detectable at any distance
  • Refactored some combat stuff, which you shouldn’t notice unless I broke something
  • Added a couple alternate messages for running out of stamina
  • Redid all the math for calculating and reporting different types of damage.
  • I think I fixed a couple things while doing this. It’s entirely possible I broke some other things.
  • Changed how Actions are organized, so they should be listed in a consistent order now
  • Reimplemented and enabled Locate. The new version is not very elegant, but it shouldn’t blow up every time I touch the GUI
  • Made the Inventory panel scrollable for the rare situations where the item list doesn’t fit
  • Changed the way penetration is handled. All penetration positions cause automatic pleasure each turn
  • Using Fucking skills will change your pace, adjusting the amount of automatic pleasure dealt
  • Hopefully fixed the phantom strapon issue
  • Changed check for intact underwear after combat to be more robust
  • Added Submissive skill: Honey Pot
  • Added Submissive ultimate skill: Pleasure Slave
  • Squeeze Balls now scales with Power, and if user has a Shock Glove, also Science
  • Buffed Handjob and Finger so they deal more consistent damage
  • Two new Fetish training scenes by KajunKrust
  • All EX skills have been replaced with Adaptive skill variants, which will scale with your highest primary attribute
  • Probably fixed Workshop training scene randomization
  • Daytime scenes with girls now allows you to select the specific scene you want instead of randomizing them
  • Sunday nights now don’t have a match, instead you have unique events for ways to spend your night off.
  • Added Stay In night off event
  • Added Cassie Date night off event with two outcomes by Snake
  • Added Mara Field Test night off event with two outcomes
  • Added Yui intercourse defeat scene by Rex
  • Added 2 Yui daytimes scenes. One of them by CK
  • Added Eve intercourse draw scene by Marcus Koen
  • Added Strip Top art with Jewel
  • Added Strip Bottom art with Yui
  • Added Ass Fuck art with Jewel
  • Added Doggy Style art with Kat
Premium Only:
  • Cassie Sex scene CG
  • Kat Sex scene CG
  • Reyka Sex scene CG
  • Yui Sex Practice scene CG
  • Yui Exposure scene CG

Looking to commission a writer for Night Games

Hi everybody.

I don’t remember how publicly I talked about this, but a while back I decided I should spend some of our growing Patreon income on commissioning more writing. I contacted a couple writers to request 3 or 4 500-1000 word scenes per month. Unfortunately, that ended up falling through as both writers became too busy to write for me. This past month, I’ve been too busy dealing with a job change and moving to look for a replacement.

Now that I’ve finished moving into my new place, I do have some time to seek out and vet people. There doesn’t appear to be a good hub for adult writers looking for commissions, so I’ll probably post on reddit and then look through individual tumblr and deviantart accounts.

However, if you’re here because you enjoy Night Games and you have some writing experience, I’d be happy to hear from you. You can email me at with some of your writing samples, and we can discuss rates.

It should also be noted that we’ve cleared our $1000 goal to commission someone to consult on our UI. I think finding a freelance graphic designer who is open to small scale adult game work is going to take me some time. I’m also probably going to need to set aside some money for a few months so I can provide a decent project budget for them.

If that happens to be something you have experience with, by all means you can contact me for that too, but I’m less optimistic about this one.