Monthly Archives: May 2016


Not in Night Games, but in real life. I can see how that would be confusing.
As of today, I officially go from Software Engineering student to unemployed Software Engineer. I’ll need to do something about the unemployed part in the next few weeks.

You guys are probably more interested in how the next Night Games update is going. As I’ve previously mentioned, the next update is going to focus on scenes and skills related to Mara. With how busy this month has been and will continue to be, the update probably won’t be released until a week or so into June. Fortunately I have a couple contributors chipping in, so that update may contain more content than I had planned.

In other news, I’ll hopefully have something new and interesting to show my $5+ patrons pretty soon. It’s not something I planned to be a patron reward, but I want to get feedback on my new prototype from a small group of people before it’s ready for a public alpha. That reward tier has about the right number of people who I figure will be likely to respond.

Night Games Wiki is starting to come together

I had a few free hours today, so I added a bunch of pages to the Night Games Wiki. There’s still a lot of missing or placeholder pages, but it’s starting to reach the point where it might be useful to people. Of course, the wiki is lower priority than actually developing the game, so I can’t devote the time needed to complete everything right away. If other people want to contribute some of the missing content that would help me out a lot.