Monthly Archives: August 2016

Never Too busy to fix bugs

I’m still taking a break from Night Games, but some issues were brought to my attention. I wanted to get a bugfix out as soon as possible.!bQpFkKIS!919j6WuOyCoWljWNi6ig_OjR-zneAUxHfBKcg7opLjc


Increased Flash Step’s speed to 99 so it will always activate first
Fixed an issue where prizes were not calculating properly.
Tickle now continues to do temptation damage after the Mara sex upgrade.
Tickle can cause orgasms with the Mara sex upgrade
Added a sanity check to all damage calculations to make sure skills never do negative damage
Fixed a bug where pets defeated by the Fetish Goblin weren’t removed
Fixed a bug that could cause Jewel to learn a level of Dark instead of Ki
Tiger Claw now unlocks at 12 Animism like the wiki says instead of 8
Rebalanced the difficulty of Item Caches requiring Perception
Fixed an issue where finding clothing wouldn’t generate a message
Lickable weakness now does a 30% damage increase instead of a flat amount
Reduced the damage bonus from the Ticklish weakness
Added a 2nd Pin position that can be reached from Reverse Mount

In other news, I’m making progress on the three games I am currently working on (7 Minutes in Heaven, Team Stripmatch, and Exhibition Day). I’ll end up focusing on a single one as each approaches release, but for now switching games each time I hit an obstacle is keeping me from getting stuck. I’m planning to post a preview of the new girl for 7MiH in a day or two, but I think I need to post that a supporters-only post on my Patreon. I haven’t had much to give my Patrons recently. I can still offer the rest of you a general status update.

I’ve figured out that it’ll cost me a few hundred dollars to purchase the 3d assets I need to create the character models in Team Stripmatch. I’ve earmarked some of the Patreon money for it, so thank you to everyone who helped make that possible. I hope to have a release version soon.

I’ve structured the mechanics for the next 7 Minutes in Heaven character. I just have a lot of writing to do, maybe more than either of the first two girls. The mechanics should allow for a couple viable strategies for her that will lead to different groups of good endings.

So far I’m finding that Ren’Py may not be right for my needs, but I’m going to stick with it for a while. I can embed pure Python, so I can do everything I need to, but currently I’m fighting against the UI features more than I’m using them. We’ll see if that changes after I get more used to it. Fortunately I’ve broken Exhibition Day down into a number of easily managed milestones, but I can’t help writing some extra logic into each of my functions to handle future features. It’s reducing my current productivity, but may be better in the long term.