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Team Strip Match Linux and Mac versions

Someone requested I upload a Linux build of the game and I figured I’d add a Mac one at the same time.


Mac OSX:!nNwTWKQB!nrRrYKwg1R3lnjnClgJnV5JWsEsQ0WJ5JTbJkSf72b0

I’m currently working on Exhibition Day and the new character for 7 Minutes in Heaven. I’m not sure which I’ll finish first, but I’ll try to have both done before I switch my focus back to Night Games.

Team Strip Match is out!

My newest adult game is now released and free for download. That doesn’t mean I’m done with it. The models and animations could use more polish and the UI could be better. However, it is totally playable. You can download it below:!fRBkRb6S!CdtIE4azlkJ6_cS14Rf3Pt2FM2hQ0XJFUMuMp2MwG78

If you missed my earlier post, this is a 3 vs 3, guys vs girl, strip card game. You play as the boys team and win if you can completely strip the girls team. To do so, you will want to collect sets of a single card and use them on the opposing team. You need at least 3 of a kind to use a card ability. Each additional card causes the effect to hit another opponent.

I’ve included some basic camera controls in your main view. WASDQE all move the camera. You can hit R to reset it.



If you have any questions or comments about the game, you can ask here. Before anyone asks, here’s my list of things I plan to continue working on:

  • Textures and shaders aren’t great for some of the character models. I should be able to improve them with some work.
  • More commentary and animations for existing characters
  • A character select screen to allow you to mix up the teams
  • Better music. That royalty-free music is very royalty free, but maybe I can find something more unjoyable
  • More characters. Probably pulled from my other released and unreleased games. (I may make these a Patreon Supporters reward, I haven’t decided yet)
  • Some sexy stuff for eliminated characters while they wait for the game to finish

Remember, if you enjoy this and my other games, please consider supporting me on Patreon. That money is going into current and existing projects. This one in particular was made possible by my generous Patrons. Thank you all.

Team Strip Match is almost ready for release

After biting the bullet and spending about $350 on 3d assets, I make a lot of progress on Team Strip Match over the weekend. Some of the UI stuff is still pretty rough and the textures could use more polish, but I have almost all the major elements I need for a decent alpha release. The only things I really need now are a couple animations I can’t get from Mixamo. So… Blender. I’ve never done any animation before, but how hard can it be to make a couple animations in Blender? (I’m guessing it might be pretty hard).

If it doesn’t end up taking forever, I may be able to release a public alpha in a couple days.