Team Strip Match Linux and Mac versions

Someone requested I upload a Linux build of the game and I figured I’d add a Mac one at the same time.


Mac OSX:!nNwTWKQB!nrRrYKwg1R3lnjnClgJnV5JWsEsQ0WJ5JTbJkSf72b0

I’m currently working on Exhibition Day and the new character for 7 Minutes in Heaven. I’m not sure which I’ll finish first, but I’ll try to have both done before I switch my focus back to Night Games.


  1. Could you give more info about Exhibition Day? Like if the game will be closer to Team Strip Match with more animation or if is going to be more text based such as the Night Games, and some other things like what we can expect from the characters and etc. But, of course, I completely understand if you don’t want to leak that kind of information.

    1. Sure. I forgot that I haven’t described this game very much yet. It will be text-based, using the Ren’Py engine. I’m working on a random character generator for the NPCs, though I may prebuild some for the first release if the generation isn’t finished in time. NPCs will have a positive trait (most of which allow special actions), a weakness, and a personality (which will affect most of the text).

    1. Work has kept me pretty busy, so currently I’m only really making progress on the weekends. Exhibition Day is also giving me more trouble than I would like. It’s not really a great fit with Ren’Py, but I don’t want to switch engines either, so I’m going to stick with it. I can’t guarantee it will be released by the time I resume working on Night Games.

      The next girl for Seven Minutes in Heaven is starting to come together. At this rate, it will definitely be finished before Exhibition Day. She’s a little more structured than Steph or Alina, which may make it too easy to finish all the endings, but it allows me to create multiple viable strategies.

      Additionally, while struggling with Ren’Py, I came up with a couple game concepts that suit the engine better. I’m not planning to switch development to either of them though. Once I finish the design docs, I’ll just shelve them for a while. I can pull them out the next time I’m looking for something to work on.

    1. Quite a bit slower than I’d like to be honest. Fortunately, I’ll have some big news soon that should compensate for my slow writing output.

          1. Sorry, I have the thing I was waiting for, but I’ve been traveling the past couple days, so I haven’t had a chance to write the announcement update, I’ll try to get it posted today.

  2. On the off-chance you feel rushed, don’t feel rushed… I quickly check your blog every week or three because I know your rough release schedule, so it’s no big deal if you don’t do any updates for a few months, and I’d imagine most others are in the same boat. The stuff you do release is insanely high quality relative to its competition (of other text games), so it’d be a shame if you felt pressured to make blog posts more often and burned yourself out as a result. Keep on keeping on, seems like you’re good at doing things at your own pace so far regardless.

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