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Night Games – Flasks and Potions

Time for a new update.

I received some new portraits from a member of the community that include the unlockable characters and vary by mood. These were donated, rather than commissioned. I’ve set those to the default portraits, but you can still access the old portraits in the options menu.

No new scenes in this update, but it has some good stuff. There are a lot of balance fixes, major changes in the mood AI, and an overhaul of how items are handled. I’ve made it much easier to add consumables that buff or debuff. I’m looking for ways to improve how other types of items are handled, but that may not be possible.!KAYxHB5I!8m5rRgSxqmTWdMdX0U9b8Lf8ozrDrp8xK7PszC778II


Fixed an issue where images caused crashes during ambushes
Fixed an issue where handicap bonuses went to the winning character instead of the player
NPCs no longer buy strapons before their Seduction is high enough to use them
Fixed some weirdness in the text encoding in Aisha’s scenes
Added error checking to prevent rng crashing when given range of 0
Fixed an issue where temptation damage could lower arousal if it was maxed
Recategorized sensitivity potion to debuff
Fixed issue where Shred message appears when using Tear Clothes on stunned opponents
It appears changes in mood were not being checked, corrected that.
New portraits provided by Nergantre which include seperate portraits based on mood
The old portraits by B.R. Chen are still available in the options menu
Fixed a possible issue where multiple images could appear at once
Item caches that spawn are now more appropriate to character level
Moods are now visible to characters with at least Perception 5
Anal challenges will no longer be offered to characters without enough Seduction to use Ass Fuck
Escape now requires 12 Cunning and has more similar success chance to Struggle
Escape can no longer be used to get out of submissive sex positions
Fixed Seduction requirement for Strip Tease and gave it a nerf
Instead of fixed sets of rewards, item caches now create random rewards based on item value and level
Rebalanced some emotion values and changed how moods are calculated
Split items into multiple subclasses. It’s just a pain in the ass now, but it should eventually make it easier to add more
Consumable items thrown at enemies (lubricant, aphrodisiac, etc…) have been moved to a new Flask class
Aphrodisiac now inflicts Horny status, causing arousal over time
The succubus’ free aphrodisiac ability is currently not implemented
Dissolving Solution now inflicts a status causing clothing destruction over time
Sedative now inflicts a status causing stamina loss over time
Flasks now have a seperate page on the the command bar, accessible by hitting the Throw button
Consumable items that buff the player (beer, energy drink) have been moved to a new Potion class
Added Fox Potion, which temporarily buffs Cunning
Added Nymph Potion, which temporarily buffs Seduction
Added Bull Potion, which temporarily buffs Power
Added Cat Potion, which temporarily buffs Speed
Color coded noncombat actions

New Site

Welcome to the new site!

I know it looks a lot like the old site, but now I’m paying for hosting. This means I get a proper domain name and that I can install plugins. Specifically, I installed a Stripe Plugin so I can accept and process donations. I’ve verified it’s working, but if you run into any issues with the donation form, please let me know. I can refund donations using my Stripe account if necessary.

If you’ve played a recent version of Night Games, you’ve seen that I’ve commissioned a couple images for the game. I have two more commissions in progress that I’m paying for out of pocket, but for additional images, I’m counting on donations. Each time I reach enough donations to pay for a commission ($20-$40 depending on the image content), I’ll reach out to an artist to have another image drawn.

The donation form includes a field for what image you’d like to see added next. You can suggest a specific skill, a character, or you can just say you don’t care. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to accommodate everyone, but I’ll try to take donor requests into account whenever possible. The weight I give requests will be based on the amount donated rather than the number of donations, so 5 donations of $1 won’t get any more weight than a single donation of $5 (It would actually count for less, since Stripe charges a fee for each transaction).

If you’re not interested or able to donate, don’t worry. Night Games will remain free and available to everyone.