Content Submission Guide

If you would like to contribute content to Night Games I welcome it. Please send any submissions to Note that I may need to modify any submissions to fit existing or future narrative continuity. Also, unless I approach you for a commission, I probably won’t be able to pay you.

Priority Wishlist

Several people requested I post a list of scenes they can contribute. Here’s a list of scenes I feel would be a priority to include, but haven’t started on. Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to this list. I’m not going to turn down other scenes. These are simply the ones I came up with. If you start working on a scene and want to reserve it, send me an email and I’ll take it off the list.

  • Alternate text for skills. All skills. Any skill could benefit from more alternate text.
  • Angel draw scene post succubus
  • Eve draw scene with vaginal penetration
  • Eve defeat scene with vaginal penetration
  • Reyka double-team victory vs NPC with penis
  • Kat double-team victory vs NPC with penis
  • Reyka/Angel threesome scene where Reyka trains Angel about being a succubus
  • Cassie/Kat threesome scene
  • Mara/Kat threesome scene
  • Dark training scenes with Rin
  • Fetish training scenes with Rin
  • Animism training scenes with Kat and Aisha

A note about terminology: I’m using the same convention for victory vs defeat scenes as the game system uses, which is from the NPC perspective. If I refer to Angel Defeat scene, I mean the scene displayed when Angel is defeated by the player.

General Content Guidelines

The golden rule for content is that no one is coerced to participate in the Night Games. Assume that if someone was really uncomfortable with something that’s happening, they could use a safeword and walk away from it. If you keep that in the back of your mind, you’ll probably be ok.

All participants are students at the college, so underage characters are out.

Do not include any direct quotes by the player character. Or make assumptions or references to the player’s background or appearance until/unless I add that level of player customization.

Do not create canon for core elements I haven’t mentioned yet, including but not limited to:
Name of the College
Location of the College
Organization of the Games
Backgrounds of existing characters

Image Submissions

The Night Games GUI is built in Java Swing and can easily include images. The only reason there aren’t any illustrations (Update: no longer the case) is because I’m useless at art (except that awesome stick figure clothing diagram. I could illustrate the entire game with those). If you are good at art and want to contribute some images, I’d be extremely grateful. Images could be associated with a specific character, skill, or scene. I’m fairly confident I can figure out the logic to display them under any reasonable conditions. I do have a few rules specific to image submissions:

  • Only send me images you actually own. If I find out someone has found a copywrite image and sent it to me without the artist’s permission, I will not be happy
  • No live photos please. I’ve seen them used in other text based games and many users find it unpleasantly jarring, including me
  • Images need to fit in an 800×260 area. Yes, that’s very short, but I don’t have a lot of screen realestate to devote to images. You do not need to use the entire width. I made some changes to how and where images are displayed. Size is no longer a major concern.

New Character Requirements

A few people have asked me what all needs to be written to add a new character and I sent them the below list, but I should also post it here.
Needed before character can be added:
Traits: positive and negative
Victory scene
Defeat scene
Draw scene
in-combat description
message at start of combat
message when stripped
message when stunned
taunt message
double-team scene when assisting player
double-team scene when assisting other girl
double-team scene when finishing off player
double-team scene when finishing off other girl
Aesop’s description when unlocking
Not required when adding, but should be written at some point:
Approach scene when attraction below threshold
Approach scene when attraction reaches threshold
Approach scene thereafter
Daytime Sex scene 1
Daytime Sex scene 2
Daytime Sparring scene 1
Daytime Sparring scene 2
Daytime Games scene 1
Daytime Games scene 2
Unique perks gained from daytime scenes
Night scene when affection is high
Penetration Victory scene
Penetration Defeat scene
Penetration Draw scene


Character Profiles

These profiles are intended for writers who need to maintain continuity. As such, they will contain potential spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Cassie Brooke

Age: 18
Major: Psychology
Eye Color: Blue (glasses)
Hair: Medium length, straight shoulder-length auburn hair.
Body: Slightly short, average build
Bust: B


Cassie is a bit of a geek, who enjoys anime and games. She’s fairly shy, with a sheltered upbringing and has never had a romantic relationship.
She lost her virginity in high school with a platonic friend out of curiosity, but she hoped for a real relationship in college.
She shares a class with the PC and became friends with him at the start of the term. She has a real crush on him.
When she was approached to join the Games, she saw it as an opportunity to help pay her tuition as well as an excuse for sexual exploration.

Cassie is the most average girl participating in the Games. She doesn’t excel at any particular field, but she is extremely determined.
As a fan of shounen manga, she sees herself as an underdog protagonist and is dedicated to growing stronger.
Cassie is heterosexual and isn’t romantic attracted to other girls. She accepts having sex with them as being in the spirit of the game.
She does think Kat is adorable and is a more enthusiastic about pleasuring her.


Mara Cyr

Age: 18
Major: Computer Engineering
Eye Color: Violet
Hair: Short, curly, black
Body: small, petite build, dark skin
Bust: A


Mara is a brilliant engineering student. She’s a workaholic and obsesses over her projects at the expense of a social life and sleep.
She’s friendly and likable, but is too busy to maintain any real relationships.
Her lifestyle causes her to build up a lot of stress, which she vents with erotic games and occasionally with casual sex. The Games are her new favorite why to blow off steam.
Mara isn’t really a Dom, but she likes to find ways of dominating her lovers, mostly for fun.
Her attempts to gain the upper hand backfire about half the time, but she doesn’t really mind.
She does not know her limits and when she gains access to experimental technology, she becomes more enthusiastic than ever.


Angel Hart

Age: 18
Major: Journalism
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Long, straight blonde hair
Body: Tall, shapely
Bust: D


Friends: Caroline – average build, dark brown hair, tan skin, enjoys video games and has many male friends. Offers sexual favors to her friends, but will only have intercourse if in a relationship.
Mei – short black hair, asian, slightly sadistic tendencies. Loves Angel, but refuses to acknowledge any bisexual tendencies. She has a habit of seducing Angel’s boyfriends out of jealousy and to seek her attention. Angel indulges this quirk without complaint, even if it costs her some relationships.
Sarah – mousey, black braided hair. She’s quiet and bad at talking with boys, but is very interested in sex and likes to watch her friends play with guys. She is extremely voyeuristic.

Angel is the only daughter of the CEO of a major corporation. Despite growing up rich, she is friendly and charming.
Despite her apparent popularity, her nymphomania tends to interfere with her social life.
Her three closest friends are the ones who accept her unconditionally. She considers these friendships to be her most important relationships.
Unlike Reyka, Angel’s succubus powers are the result of a carefully modified curse. She is still fundamentally human. She can hide her wings and tail at will.


Jewel Silvers

Age: 18
Major: History
Eye Color: bright green
Hair: Straight red hair, tied in a ponytail
Body: Average height, toned body
Bust: C


Jewel’s father is a military officer, which resulted in her family moving constantly between military bases. She was a tomboy growing up and frequently got into fights.
Her early sexual experiences involved humiliating boys she had beaten so she associates sex with competition.
As she matured, she would only sleep with guys who impressed her at sports or martial arts.
She considers the Games and the sex involved to be a natural extension to normal martial arts competitions.
She tends to become more sexually aggressive with strong competition, but she is fair. She’s very dominant when she wins, but will submit to almost anything when she loses.



Age: ??
Major: N/A
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Long black hair
Body: Tall, curvy with bat wings and a pointed tail
Bust: D


Reyka is a succubus summoned into the Games 2 years ago. She broke free of her summoner’s control and gained enough power to support herself.
The Benefactor took a liking to Reyka and arranged for her to be allowed to live in the unused basement of the campus chapel.
Reyka’s family has substantial wealth and power in the infernal realm, so her living situation in the basement of a church is a downgrade.
She has grown too fond of modern conveniences to return. She spends a lot of time on the internet and loves the efficiency of tempting men via webcam.


Katerina Hawk

Age: 19
Major: Graphic Design
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Body: Short, slim
Bust: C


Kat is a shy and quiet girl. As a freshman, she was a sexually curious virgin, too nervous to seek out a lover. She joined the Games as an opportunity for casual sex.
Due to her inexperience, Kat was fucked silly in her first match. Despite losing badly, the pleasure drew her back every night.

Kat’s animal spirit is dormant when she’s not aroused, but her ears and tail remain visible.
During the day, she wears a hat over her ears and loose pants to her tail. She doesn’t show her animal parts to anyone outside the Games, including her close friends.
Kat and her animal side completely share knowledge and desires, but the animal side is uninhibited.
Her ‘Nya’ verbal tic only comes out when her animal side kicks in.
She acts annoyed at being called cute and treated like a child, but she actually loves to be hugged and pampered.


Eve Ranger


Age: 21
Major: Biology
Eye Color: Silver
Hair: Purple (dyed)
Body: Curvy, hermaphrodite, covered in tattoos
Bust: D


Eve is a veteran sex-fighter with a talent for fetish control. However, she has little ambition for winning other than for her own pleasure.
She has seen enough of her fellow competitors graduate into influential positions to realize the Games are a shortcut to success.
She has never met the Benefactor, but believes he is intentionally placing people in positions of power. She resents the idea that she is being used.
Her hedonism and disinterest towards the game are her way of rebelling against this plan.
Eve is obsessed with body modification. Her Tattoos, dyed hair, colored irises, and added genitals are all ways she’s tried to make herself look unnatural.


Samantha Daniels


Age: 26
Major: N/A
Eye Color: Purple
Hair: Long, red
Body: Average height, curvy
Bust: D


Samantha is an old friend of Aesop. She is not an alumni, but has experience in the Games from elsewhere.
It’s likely that was where she developed the skills that made her a top-class prostitute.
She eschews any sort of supernatural ability, taking pride in her body and skills to defeat her opponents.


Tyler “Aesop” Bently

Age: 21
Major: Business Management
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Short black
Body: Tall, somewhat muscular


Aesop is a former participant in the Games who decided it would be more profitable to act as an information broker.
He has no formal position in the organization of the Games, but has been given unofficial approval for what he does.
Since he is friends with Maya, she often steers new recruits toward him as a form of mentoring.
He has never met the Benefactor, but is searching for information about him, which would be worth a fortune to the right people.


Maya Rayne


Age: 23
Major: Adjunct Sociology Professor
Eye Color: Dark blue, thin red glasses
Hair: Long black, in a single braided ponytail
Body: Pale and slim
Bust: C


Maya was a participant in the Games back when the Benefactor would supervise and recruit in person.
She fell in love when him as a participant. When he saved her life, she devoted herself to him, acting as his representative.
Her powers affect her more than most participants. Every full moon, it causes her desires to build out of control. She indulges in the Games once a month to sate her needs.

Her worshipful attitude toward the Benefactor is somewhat unhealthy, and she becomes irrationally angry when people do not respect him.

She takes it upon herself to try to remove troublesome individuals from the games, though it’s not actually what the Benefactor wants.

Eve and Alice have been a thorn in her side for a long time, and she resents that they are allowed to continue undermining the spirit of the Games by devaluing victory.


Lilly Quinn


Age: 20
Major: Sociology
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Long red, in braided pigtails
Body: Average build, pale with freckles
Bust: B


Lilly acts as supervisor during the Games, reporting directly to Maya.
She has a habit of playing with her pigtails when she talks.
She is completely homosexual, but takes pride in her ability to make both men and women cum quickly with just her hands.
She doesn’t dislike men, and quickly becomes friends with the PC, but she does like watching women defeat men.


Aisha Song


Age: 21
Major: World Literature
Eye Color: brown and deep
Hair: Dark brown and wavy
Body: Tall, soft, slightly chubby
Bust: D


Aisha is very warm and loving. She quickly becomes attached to her students, both affectionately and sexually.
She adores Kat, and tried to teach her magic, but she had no aptitude for it. She feels guilty for giving Kat her animal spirit due to the side-effects.


Suzuki Suzume


Age: 19
Major: Physics
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Short brown
Body: Slim and very toned
Bust: A


Suzume’s family recently immigrated from Japan, hence the surname-first name format. She has a noticeable Japanese accent.
Her father runs a martial arts dojo and she is his best student. Since his health is failing, she has taken over as instructor.
In addition to her martial arts ability, she is skilled at hypnosis, which she uses for guided meditation.
The dojo has not attracted many students, so she has changed her instruction to cater toward participants in the Games.
She is attempting to fuse her family’s martial arts techniques with the skills she learned in the Games to create a form of martial arts specialized for sex-fighting.


Rin Callisto


Age: 21
Major: Business Management
Eye Color: Violet
Hair: Straight, black, shoulder-length
Body: Pale and Very thin
Bust: B


Rin runs the black market on campus that sells to both participants and normal students.
She hired Mike Ridley as middleman (and fall guy), but since he does not know about the Games, she talks to premium customers directly.
She is trained in religious arts and exorcism, which she uses to contain and manipulate curses.


Jett Newman

Age: 19
Major: Electrical Engineering
Eye Color: Pale blue, glasses
Hair: Short brown
Body: Short and scrawny


Jett is originally from the UK, but his accent only occasionally slips out.
He is much nicer to Mara and the other girls than he is to the PC.
He nurses a crush for Kat, but never attempted to pursue her outside of the matches.


Alice Grey


Age: 20
Major: Psychology
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair: Short blonde, with pigtails
Body: Short and slim
Bust: A


Veterans of the Games would describe Alice as the weakest sex-fighter in recent memory and the most dangerous.
Kat is sometimes noted as being more effective because people underestimate her, but she did not do it intentionally. Alice understood how to use weakness as a weapon.
Alice’s behavior and expressions seem inherently unnatural and she tends to unsettle people.
Opponents defeated by her tend to feel like she’s somehow cheating.
She has little regard for participants in the Games that only care about winning.
She is the only character whose speech is not italicized to denote the hollow nature of her voice.
She is the one responsible for the gold challenge envelopes