Monthly Archives: November 2015

Finally Back Up and Running

So after about three weeks with zero productivity, I finally have a new hard drive in my laptop and am able to develop again. I backed up all my work on Night Games and the Twine games, so I haven’t lost anything except time. Well, technically I forgot to back up some of my small games prototypes, but I wasn’t actively developing them anyway, so I’m probably better off with them gone. This way they aren’t consuming cycles in the back of my mind.

Now as much as I’d love to hit the ground running and get these releases done ASAP, but I am also rapidly approaching the last weeks of the semester. Now this is good timing for me personally, since I need my laptop now more than ever, but it also means I’ll need to devote more time to schoolwork for a bit. Hopefully I can at least make good use of the Thanksgiving weekend to finish up the Twine game.

I was considering dropping the Twine game temporarily to try to push out the Night Games update as fast as possible, but I think that’ll actually be counterproductive. I started the Twine game to clear up my Night Games ¬†writers block and I’m not sure It’ll be effective until I either release the game or hit writers block on that. Probably being unable to switch my writing focus at will is a sign that I’m not a good writer, but that’s never been my forte anyway.

Once I release the Twine game, I’ll finish up the remaining scenes I need for the Night Games update. Hopefully it won’t take me too long. This update has been a long time coming. Looking at the changelog, there’s stuff here I did almost 6 months ago. I keep forget it’s not in the released game yet. The Enthralling Trap null pointer exception, for example. I wrote that fix ages ago, but it’s still probably crashing for people with the current version. Fuck me, I need to finish this release.