Night Games

Current Public Version: Enter the Ninja Girl b4

The game requires JRE 1.8 or newer. You can get it for free on Oracle’s website.!bYhWUIiK!1FR2GMLR3IprlYruasMktJDrM97JWwJoRx3ptRJuCGk



There is also a Premium version of the game with additional art. It is available for any Patreon supporters at the $5 and above tiers:

Game Description:

Your freshman year in college suddenly becomes much more interesting as you’re invited to an underground sexfighting competition. Amazingly, you discover that you are the only male participant this year! You are even being well paid for the privilege of sexfighting your fellow students!
Who is running this competition? How has it remained a secret for so long? Does it really even matter when these four beautiful girls are literally throwing themselves at you?

Night Games is designed as a hybrid between an RPG about a friendly arena style battlefucking competition and a dating sim where you build relationships with your opponents. Rather than random enemy encounters, all the opponents are distinct, persistent NPCs, with fleshed out personalities who use the same combat and experience systems as the player.
Combat skills are split between three basic attributes: Power, Cunning, and Seduction. You can build your character around your style of play. Do you want to incapacitate and pin your opponent before finishing her off? Maybe you prefer sneaky tricks and traps to outwit your opponent. Maybe you just want to be a pure sex machine. Later in the game, you have the opportunity to gain advanced attributes, opening up additional skill trees and unlocking new opponents.

The game loop is split into distinct day/night phases:

  • Each night the Player and NPCs roam the campus, engaging in sex fights when they meet. It is possible to set traps and lay ambushes for your opponents to give yourself the edge in combat. You and will gain money and experience for defeating your opponents and stealing their panties. However your opponents will be gaining money and experience for beating you and each other.
  • Each day, you will have some free time to prepare for your match. You can use the time to train or buy items and equipment for use in the match. Alternatively, you can spend some intimate time with your NPC opponents, which will grant access to unique gameplay perks if you build enough affection with them.


Stamina: Represents your overall energy and tolerance for pain. Taking pain damage lowers your stamina and if it hits zero, you will be temporarily stunned. While recovering from being stunned, your stamina will refill rapidly. Stamina also slowly recovers over time.

Arousal: Represents your closeness to orgasm. Taking pleasure skills raises your arousal. If it hits maximum, you will climax and lose the fight. Arousal is decreased by pain and empties when orgasming.

Mojo: An abstract representation of your confidence and momentum. Many simple skills raise your mojo and it is used for powerful skills. Mojo decreases rapidly out of combat so you’ll start most fights with it empty.

Primary Attributes – Increasing these will unlock new skills

Power: Used for skills that cause pain and lower opponents’ stamina. Power also makes it easier to break out of holds. A character that focuses on Power will use direct attacks to weaken and immobilize their opponents, pleasuring them to orgasm when they’re helpless.

Seduction: Used for skills that pleasure your opponent and raise their arousal. Pleasure skills often hard to evade or counter. A character that focuses on Seduction will quickly tease and pleasure their opponent to orgasm, sometimes even before they’ve stripped them naked.

Cunning: Used for utility skills and creating traps and potions outside of combat. Cunning also provides bonuses to evading attacks and stripping opponents. A character that focuses on Cunning tries to always have the advantage on their opponent, often even before the fight begins.

Secondary Attributes

Speed: Speed provides bonuses to both accuracy and evasion as well as determining whose skill hits first.

Perception: Perception is both a strength and a weakness. High perception improves the odds of detecting nearby opponents and avoiding traps. It also provides information on your opponent’s current stamina and arousal. However, high Perception makes you more sensitive to many pleasure skills, so you will orgasm faster.

The Night Games

  • Matches start at 10:00pm and end at 1:00am.
  • Participants start in locations scattered around the campus and hunt each other.
  • When two participants meet, a fight begins.
  • The first participant to bring the other to orgasm wins the fight, gets a point, and claims their opponent’s clothes.
  • If both participants orgasm simultaneously, they both get a point and claim each others’ clothes.
  • After a fight, the two participants may not fight each other again until the loser replaces their clothes in one of the resupply areas.
  • When the match ends, each participant is paid for each point they scored, for each pair of underwear they turn in, and a bonus for whoever got the most points.


  • Classes take up the morning and early afternoon, but you have seven hours each day to prepare for your next match.
  • Aesop, your information broker, will suggest ways to spend your free time. Most of these suggestions will not be free.
  • Dating: Aesop will sell you information on how to meet your opponents during the day. They may not initially be interested in spending time with you, but they’ll become more attracted to you as you fight them each night.
  • Once the girl is interested in you, you’ll have a few options. Sparring gives you both the chance to increase Power. Playing games gives you both the chance to increase Cunning. Having sex gives you both the chance to increase Seduction. These options will also increase the girl’s affection toward you. When it gets high enough, you may learn some rare skills.


Map of the Arena




    1. 2 things:
      First: Don’t extract the jar file. It isn’t zipped. You just need to run it using Java. You can download and install java for free on Oracle’s website.

      Second: It’s weird that the rest of the class files aren’t visible after you extracted. Probably it’s caused by the program you used to extract it. Regardless, the game won’t run when it’s extracted, so don’t do that.

  1. this game is really hard. man. really fun though. seems impossible to win when girls just go straight for the kill >>

    1. Quick tip. Talk to Mara and go through all of her options. You gain the ability to create the most overpowered trap in the game, giving an instant win if an opponent is caught. Couple that with a decoy, the NPCs will be throwing themselves headfirst into the trap, especially if you place it in a heavily used spot like the Dorms.

  2. Great game i was pretty confused and need some help how to make the game into full screen? since most of the UI is hidden lower than my display can you please make the game fullscreen.

  3. Update I have what I presume is JRE 1.6 and I still can’t run it. Why is it always so difficult with this why not use WinRAR?

  4. Defeat opponents easily:

    1. Kick/Knee the vulva into guacamole
    2. Repeat until the enemy is a 0 stamina
    3. Strip a part
    4. Kick/Knee the vulva into mashed potatoes again: twice
    5. Strip a part again
    6. Rinse and repeat until naked
    7. Mount and Pin
    8. Tickle, kiss, fondle and finger and from then on, keep fingerin’

    If the opponent breaks free and arousal is over 70%, just keep fingerin’. If not, then start the process all over again.

    Stat Priority when levelling up: Power > Seduction > Cunning
    Stat Priority during daytime: Perception > Speed > Stamina > Arousal > Mojo

  5. can you make a .exe version of this game, because this game will not work on my computer for some reason, no .jar games will. I’ve seen others have the same problem too.

  6. I can only see few of image of the game
    i haven’t the portraits and i see only 4 image on action (finger in pussy;hanjob of a girl;touch breast and the kiss)

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