Monthly Archives: June 2017

Trounce Tickle Tease

Hi all,

I have a little surprise for everyone. Last year I put together a little strip wrestling game with Rock Paper Scissors mechanics to get some practice working in Ren’Py. Since the game turned out better than I expected, I decided to commission some art and release it publicly.

Here it is:

In this simple little game, you and your childhood friend Ashley engage in a wrestling match where the loser of each round must remove an article of clothing. Since you’ve known each other so long, you realize she’s vulnerable to some unconventional tactics, like tickling and seduction. Turns out she’s planning similar strategies.

Fighting beats Tickling, Tickling beats Seduction, and Seduction beats Fighting.

The game is quick, simple, and unless there’s a lot of demand to add content, it’s done. I don’t plan on adding anything else to the game unless it’s much more popular than I expected. Even then, I’ll probably just add some more endings. This is never going to balloon out into some massive Night Games size monstrosity.

I’ll make another board on the forum for this, so that’ll be a good place to discuss the game, ask questions, or report bugs.

All the art in this game was paid for by Patreon contributions. If you like the sort of game content I put out, please consider pledging a few bucks a month to help make it happen.