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At the moment, I have a lot of options for additional content. I don’t really have anything high priority on my ToDo list, so I figured I’d make a poll to see where people would like me to direct my energy. The results of the poll won’t guarantee or exclude any content. I’m prone to sudden burst of inspiration and writer’s block. This will just influence what areas I focus on.

What additional content would you most like to see in Night Games in the near future?

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Night Games – Return of the Sex Fighter bugfix 1

We all knew this would be coming, but there weren’t as many issues as I would have expected for an update of that size.!jI53iIhY!JJ0f3ZpkZmLgpRa0qmXnpIEOvK2XtVYF-d0n51TkQlw


  • Capped the xp bonus from fighting Maya
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could miss their advanced class if they hit level 20 too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where the More Competitors menu didn’t appear unless Kat or Reyka were locked
  • Added Samantha’s portraits by Nergantre
  • Fixed Samantha’s panties having wrong name and description
  • Added default save file name with .sav extension to reduce confusion
  • Fixed an issue where Locate did not work for Eve or Samantha
  • Set stun duration back to 2

Edit: The Samantha portraits did not get packaged in the jar the first time, causing the game to crash when fighting her. It should be fixed now, go ahead and redownload.

Night Games – Return of the Sex Fighter!2RAzXK5L!CbokLXyzW702TTZw3NVkAXaGBKiRRJa54tzixgQ9Bvw

Here’s the update, for the first time in 6 months. This has given me a good opportunity to implement a couple characters I have been putting off since almost the first release. I’ve also pulled in a few design ideas from Nergantre’s popular mod, which I’m sure many of you are familiar with. I probably should not wait this long between updates in the future, but it is satisfying to put out this much stuff at once. I think this may be the longest changelog I’ve ever had, and several of the points in the changelog are actually chunks of new content:

  • Lubricants can no longer be used against targets with clothes or already oiled
  • Sensitivity Flasks can no longer be used against targets with clothes or already affected
  • Dissolving Solutions can no longer be used against nude targets
  • Statuses now decay at end of turn instead of beginning, this might not be noticeable
  • Some statuses can now stack, intensifying their effect and extending their duration
  • Buzzed status now stacks and persists after fights
  • Energy Drinks now stack
  • Sedatives now stack
  • Horny status now stacks
  • Shamed status now stacks
  • Added a menu button that displays the map I posted on the blog for ease of navigation
  • Boxers only matches now handle other types of underwear
  • Boxers only matches will not be offered to players who don’t wear underwear, except for the initial encounter
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs from upgrading strapons
  • Changed the save and load dialogs to hopefully make them more user friendly
  • Fixed a null pointer error in EnthrallingTraps
  • Added message to clarify perks selection screen
  • Fixed issue where portraits were attached to images option
  • Fixed issue where portraits sometimes wouldn’t clear
  • Changed how portraits function, so they won’t display during double teams
  • Resourceful no longer affects trophy counts or upgrades
  • Added perk Cautious
  • Moved player demands (when opponent is enthralled) to their own page
  • Shamed now gives a buff to Submissive
  • Added perk Responsive
  • Submissive attribute now increases pleasure dealt to opponents when they fuck you
  • New Submissive skill: Invite
  • New Submissive skill: Beg
  • New Fetish skill: Tortoise Wrap
  • New Submissive skill: Shameful Display
  • Fixed Shattering Kick also triggering normal kick
  • Capped the amount of money the AI will spend on consumables each day
  • Added the game’s first futanari character Eve. She’s a sadistic hedonist and uses the Fetish skill tree
  • Eve doesn’t have any daytime scenes yet
  • For those of you reading my code, I’m no longer using the Decider class and can’t remember why I ever was
  • Finally got around to completely rewriting the non-combat AI, hopefully it is better than the old AI
  • Added some scenes with Kat and Aisha that lead to being able to learn the Animism skill tree
  • Kat’s Feral buff now also applies to players with Animism >= 4
  • Added some new response messages for Exercise
  • Added some new response messages for Porn
  • New consumable item: Summoning Scroll
  • New consumable item: Dark Talisman
  • Video Game scenes featuring NPCs now increase their affection
  • Added three new Video Games scenes featuring Angel’s friend, Caroline
  • Added weekends. You now have more daytime hours on Saturday and Sunday
  • Feral status now scales with Animism
  • Added perk Ass Master
  • Changed how NPCs handle the daytime, making them more similar to how the player behaves. This may make stat growth more variable
  • Added the introduction scene for Alice, the submissive trainer
  • Threesome scenes have been grouped into a generic event system, as part of that, I changed their frequency and removed the once per day limit
  • Made some changes to how postmatch scenes are implemented. They should be easier to add now
  • Spank upgrade from Disciplinarian no longer procs while having sex
  • Characters can reach rank 2 at level 20, this comes with a pay increase
  • Added DNDW’s new NPC, Samantha with the Professional skill tree
  • Added submissive training scene, with a few different variations
  • Added a couple shortcuts to the map that can be used by character with high Cunning
  • After visiting an NPC at least once, their attraction will start to be converted to affection, making it no longer useless
  • Armbar now causes a Power debuff
  • Leglock now causes a Speed debuff
  • Added new Status Sore that affects pain damage to different body parts
  • Added new Status Sensitive that affects pleasure damage to different body parts
  • Added a proficiency stat that allows modifiers for different body parts used
  • Changed how strip checks are calculated, they should be easier now and have a bonus from being in dominant position
  • New starting trait: Brass Balls reduces damage from low blows
  • New starting trait: Bra Master gives bonus to stripping tops
  • New starting trait: Panty Peeler gives bonus to stripping bottoms
  • At 30 Cunning, characters can now strip 2 pieces of clothing at once
  • Fixed an issue where victories due to bathing ambushes and Spiderweb traps scored double
  • New starting weakness: Hair Trigger for people who are finding the game too easy
  • Characters can reach rank 3 at level 30, this comes with a pay increase
  • Added a new, very powerful, probably familiar NPC who appears as a special event enemy
  • This NPC has access to the Hypnosis skillset.
  • There’s currently no way for the player to learn Hypnosis
  • Added Angel double-team scene for NPCs with a dick (slight cheat, it’s almost identical to her normal one)
  • Added Player double-team scene for NPCs with a dick
  • Added Cassie double-team scene for NPCs with a dick
  • Replaced the Desperate protraits in Nergantre’s portraitset with the Horny ones, hopefully this will not cause confusion
  • Added Jewel double-team scene for NPCs with a dick
  • added Mara double-team scene for NPCs with a dick (another copy of normal scene)

Holy crap, this week was insane. I didn’t have as much time to test as I was hoping, but I believe this release is fairly stable. Let me know if you run into issues.

In addition to handling any bugfixes associated with this update, I’ll be working on the Twine microgame I’ve mentioned several times. Given the nature of Twine, I assume I can host it directly on the site without requiring a download. We’ll see if wordpress plays nice. As far as future Night Games work goes, I have one more NPC in development, who will probably be my next priority. I have some additional candidates after that, but I haven’t started on them yet. I also have a long term addition planned, but it will be dependent on finding outside help, so I’m not going reveal anything yet.

Night Games update 12/13

Ok, so the order has changed again. I hit a block on the Twine game and went back to working on the Night Games update. I’ve completed everything that I feel like I need to have for the update. There are 3 new Opponents, a bunch of new skills, a bunch of new scenes, some new traits, a few new mechanics, and of course, bugfixes. I’m giving myself a week to test and try to squeeze in some last minute content, but I am committing to releasing the update a week from today. That’s the day before my first Final. Maybe I should have timed this better, but it’s probably best that I get it released before Finals week.

I should be releasing the Twine game shortly afterward, though it’s possible the 2nd girl may not make it into the initial release. The first girl is nearly complete, but the 2nd one is only about 60% written.