Night Games – Return of the Sex Fighter bugfix 1

We all knew this would be coming, but there weren’t as many issues as I would have expected for an update of that size.!jI53iIhY!JJ0f3ZpkZmLgpRa0qmXnpIEOvK2XtVYF-d0n51TkQlw


  • Capped the xp bonus from fighting Maya
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could miss their advanced class if they hit level 20 too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where the More Competitors menu didn’t appear unless Kat or Reyka were locked
  • Added Samantha’s portraits by Nergantre
  • Fixed Samantha’s panties having wrong name and description
  • Added default save file name with .sav extension to reduce confusion
  • Fixed an issue where Locate did not work for Eve or Samantha
  • Set stun duration back to 2

Edit: The Samantha portraits did not get packaged in the jar the first time, causing the game to crash when fighting her. It should be fixed now, go ahead and redownload.


  1. Constant encounter loop when I first run into Samantha. It’d give the ‘I see you’ type statement, and then nothing. Whether or not I hit Fight or Flee, it’d say I was confronting her but never bring up the Fight Menu.

      1. same Fight and Flee does nothing as soon as i encounter Samantha only think i can do is to reload and prey to not encounter her again, so no play time with Samantha so far :/

  2. Could you add the mod’s ability to create a female character (and maybe an early unlockable male npc)? He hasn’t updated in a few months, it would be nice if I didn’t have to wait for a new release.

    1. If you want to have a female character, you can open your save in a text editor like Notepad++ and change your character’s trait from male to female.

      I’m not going to include it as an actual feature until/unless the game can support it. That sort of thing is fine for an unofficial mod, but I feel it would be disingenuous to include a gender selection option in character creation and then have no sex scenes for female PCs.

      Given that the number of scenes required for a female PC is continuously increasing, I think it’s probably outside my scope unless someone from the community wants to make it their pet project.

      Male NPCs are a bit easier. I know someone has made some Male NPCs with MM content for the mod. I’ve been gradually adding gender checks to pronouns and could probably support unlockable male opponents within a few updates, though I’m not going to write any myself.

      1. Ataraxia here. I made the male NPCs ‘Travis’ and ‘Matthew’. It would be cool to see them – or alternatives – in the mod. I could possibly help with writing for them.

        1. Much appreciated. Adding Eve prompted my to add alternate scenes and skill descriptions for NPCs with a penis, but I still have a lot of hardcoded pronouns. It may be a couple more updates before the game will be ready to support male NPCs.

  3. Anyone else have issues using Fetish: Masochism? It seems every time I use masochism, the entire text/dialogue/actions window blanks out and I’m forced to exit the match or reload the last save. So far, this has happened every time I’ve attempted to use it on both Angel, and Reyka.

    1. I’ve heard similar reports with Masochism in the past, but was unable to recreate the issue, I’ll take another look at it.

  4. Samantha is no longer bugged when you start the fight, so that has been corrected, however, the game will freeze if you defeat her with a standard, non fucking pleasure attack. In other words, if you win by kissing or tickling or whatever. You can avoid this by defeating her while fucking her.

    1. actually, following this up, I was wrong. It just seems to bug out oddly at random times, whether or not you are about to win the match or are fucking her or whatever. Its just a guess, but I think it might be due to the game trying to load an aroused image of her, but I am not sure.

        1. yep, that solved it, thanks. Another bug that popped up now that I can get through a night Samantha is in, going to the information broker after unlocking Sam, and clicking “more competitors” just delivers an empty screen with no text. Actually that had been happening before as well, but at the time I just assumed you weren’t supposed to unlock 2 girls in the same day.

  5. Dunno if its a bug, but I’m having distinct difficulties getting out of binds. If I’m being held or pinned down, it’ll take me several turns to even get out of it unless I can use ‘Reversal.’ If I can escape at all, and my Cunning is at 35.

  6. I tried downloading it, but I now have a bunch of files with no well to tell how to open the game itself, things like characters, actions, etc. Any way I can open the game or am I missing something?

  7. Are you going to code pets for any of the other specialties, or is it just going to be Science, Arcane, and Dark?

    I don’t know about any other one, but I could kinda see a pet-type ability for the Ki users.

    1. I’ve been kinda working on a hermaphroditic pet for the Fetish skillset (hence the gap in the skill list), but I haven’t made much progress. Each time I add a new pet, I need to write victory and defeat descriptions for every other pet, so the more I add, the more work is required. Ki will probably not get a pet, instead it has the Flyswatter skill that automatically eliminates enemy pets.

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