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Night Games – Cats, Escorts and Grudges Public Release!

Hi Everybody!

It’s been a week since the current update released for Patrons, so you know what that means. It’s now available for everyone!

Mega Link

This update obviously includes the sprites for Kat and Samantha that were our $400 Patreon goals. You’d never know it by looking at our current Patreon status, but we actually hit that goal quite recently. We’re going to have the sprites for Reyka and Eve in the next major update.

We’ve also got a lot of major mechanical changes designed to let you tailor the game difficulty and pace to your tastes. Old saves are compatible, but you may want to start a new game to take a look at the new modifiers that are available.

If you want to discuss the game, please consider clicking on that Forum link in the nav bar. It’s pretty quiet right now, but I’m hoping more people will join.

The full change log is very long and only a post back, so I’m not going to paste it in a again. Just scroll down a bit.

Night Games – Cats, Escorts, and Grudges is now available to Patreon supporters

Hi Everybody!
The new major update for Night Games is ready for release, and it’s an exciting one! We have the sprites for Kat and Samantha that were promised in our $400 goal. The sprites for Reyka and Eve will be next.
If you’re supporting at the $5 or above tier, you can download the premium build here.
If you’re supporting at a lower tier, you can download the standard build here.
If you aren’t supporting at all, you have two options. First, it’s not too late to become a patron. Just $1 a month will get you the early release. If you’re not interested in that, the standard build will be available to the public in a week.
I want to take a moment to thank Veroen for the suggestions he posted in the forum. The two biggest mechanical additions, the Grudge System and Challenge Mode, were based on his suggestions.
For anyone with a passing familiarity with Shadow of Wardor, the Grudge System is like a light version of the Nemesis system. After you beat an NPC, she’ll get a grudge buff the next time you fight her that night. These grudges are mostly unique to each character based on their fighting style and personality. This will give you something extra to deal with if you keep picking on the same NPC repeatedly.
The Challenge Mode makes use of the handicap system that was already in the game. Instead of being offered handicaps for bonus money, in Challenge Mode, you’ll be automatically given a handicap each night. I’ve also added some more handicap types to make sure there’s a variety. This will be great for players that find the vanilla game a bit too easy, but don’t want to use the Hard AI.
Now I’m glad that the Hard AI is in the game, because I know some players are really fond of it. Thank you Jos for making it. However, I’ve never found it fun to play against. Optimized behavior is just too predictable for my taste. I’m glad that we have an alternative now.
The last addition I want to talk about is something that no one complained about, but bugged me during testing. NPCs that equip strap-on dildos now show them in their sprite. AimlessArt even went the extra mile to give each one a unique design.
  • Added Sprite and clothing for Kat
  • Added Sprite and clothing for Samantha
  • Sprites now show when strapons are equiped
  • Some tweaks to Yui’s sprite
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect underwear detection
  • Implemented a new Dummy class that lets me add sprites with different expressions and states of dress to scenes
  • Added sprites to Tutorial
  • Added sprites to several daytime scenes that were missing them
  • Remade several of the Horny expressions
  • Old Fuck art is now associated with the Missionary position rather than the specific skill
  • Added Cowgirl art
  • Added Carry art
  • Fixed a crash involving Masochism status and the hard AI
  • Fixed a crash talking to Yui with portraits enabled
  • Added portraits for Yui (They’re just cropped sprites, but better than nothing)
  • Added Angry expression for Yui
  • Training now only increases stats for the Character that initiates it
  • Fixed some flagging to handle improbable event collisions
  • Fixed some flagging to prevent threesome scenes from appearing multiple times in a day
  • Nerfed Dark Tendrils, it now costs more Arousal and does not scale as strongly with Dark
  • Nerfed Binding, it does not scale as strongly with Arcane
  • Bind (zipties and handcuffs) are now only usable against targets in immobile submissive positions.
  • Reduced the amount Advanced training scales per Attribute point.
  • Active Imagination weakness now applies a uniform +50% to all Temptation damage
  • Mojo can no longer be reduced below 0
  • Fixed an issue where Toy Master perk was not being applied correctly
  • Base stamina regen per turn is now 2% of max stamina instead of flat 1
  • Added some bolding to improve Challenge readability
  • Challenges now add an item to you inventory that you can reference if you forget your goal
  • Added some new possible results to cooking based on Science and Ninjutsu
  • Added Super Energy Drink, doubles the stamina regen of normal energy drink
  • Added Eve defeat scene by Onyxdime
  • Fixed a major issue with Substitute used by NPCs
  • Fixed some behind the scenes position behavior for NPC only fights involving penetration
  • Characters can no longer struggle when Enthralled
  • Matches will now continue until player finishes ongoing actions
  • This should prevent issues where the match ends twice
  • Separated match scoring screen from postmatch events
  • Had to move Patreon supporter credits to their own dialog
  • Added $ to store prices for clarity
  • Cynical status now reduces Temptation damage by 25% instead of a flat 5
  • Shamed status no longer triggers Cynical
  • Shamed status is now more severe, inflicting a stackable -10% damage penalty to many skills
  • Spank no longer calms the target
  • Unsuccessful Struggle and Escape attempts cause positions to decay faster, making future attempts more likely to succeed
  • Fixed Invite being usable with pants on
  • Fixed requirements of Fly to make it accessible to players
  • Fly no longer requires 15 mojo (it didn’t spend it anyway)
  • Face Fuck’s Shamed status now scales with Fetish
  • Reversal now maintains penetration, similar to Struggle
  • Pleasure bonus from Lickable weakness changed from 30% to 50%
  • Insatiable weakness now leaves character at 50% arousal after victory
  • Reduced the damage bonus from Ticklish weakness
  • New Submissive skill: Buck
  • Winded status negates all stamina damage, preventing characters from being stun-locked as easily
  • The AI should no longer attempt stamina attacks at winded opponents
  • Increased the amount most pain attacks cause Angry
  • Pain damage now pushes NPCs toward Angry based on magnitude
  • Temptation damage now pushes NPCs toward Horny based on magnitude
  • Weaken damage now pushes NPCs toward Nervous based on magnitude
  • Heal now pushes NPCs toward Confident based on magnitude
  • Changed Match Handicaps to give percentage bonus instead of flat bonus
  • Rewrote a bunch of Match Handicap related stuff for Challenge Mode
  • Underwear-only handicap now allows undershirts as well
  • Added Handicap Mittens: -75% finger proficiency
  • Added Handicap Lame Glasses: negates Mojo generation
  • Added Handicap Ticklish: gives Ticklish weakness
  • Added Handicap Hairtie: gives Achilles Jewels weakness
  • Changed difficulty setting to a group of non-exclusive modifiers during character creation
  • Added Game Modifier – Challenge Mode: Forces the player to accept a handicap each night without a bonus. A good alternative to the Hard AI
  • Added Game Modifier – Short Matches: Matches last 2 hours instead of 3
  • Added Game Modifier – Double XP: Player and NPCs level twice as fast
  • New situational pre-fight dialogue for all characters, referencing things such as state of dress and affection
  • Grudge System: NPCs you defeat will gain a potent buff if you fight them again in the same match
  • Grudge buffs are different for each character and are hinted at in prefight dialogue
  • Cassie Grudge bonuses:
    • Spirited: Mojo gain bonus
    • Determined: Recover Stamina and Arousal when standing up from prone
    • Modestly Dressed: Clothes are harder to remove
    • Overflowing Mana: Spells cost much less Mojo
  • Mara Grudge bonuses:
    • Inspired: Cunning bonus
    • Perfect Plan: Strips player at start of combat
    • Plan B: Consumes an energy drink to heal whenever she would be stunned
    • Experimental Weaponry: Bonus to all sex toy damage
  • Angel Grudge bonuses:
    • Ice Queen: Temptation damage resistance
    • Seductress: Seduction bonus
    • Untouchable: Evasion bonus
    • Succubus Vagina: Increased sex damage
  • Jewel Grudge bonuses:
    • Flash: Speed bonus
    • Powered Up: Power bonus
    • Healing Factor: Stamina regen
    • Confident Dom: Major stat buffs when mood is Confident or Dominant
  • Yui Grudge bonuses:
    • Flash: Speed bonus
    • Ishida 3rd Hidden Art: Returns more pleasure damage during intercourse
    • Ninja Preparation: Binds at start of combat
  • Kat Grudge bonuses:
    • Feral: Get Feral buff regardless of arousal
    • Predator Instincts: Stronger pins
    • Lands on her Feet: Can’t be tripped or knocked down
  • Reyka Grudge bonuses:
    • Overwhelming Darkness: Dark bonus
    • Succubus Vagina: Increases sex damage
    • Enthralling Presence: Enthralls at start of combat
  • Samantha Grudge bonuses:
    • Tantric Breathing: Arousal regen
    • Spare Handcuffs: Gets 2 sets of handcuffs at start of combat
    • Veteran Prostitute: Reduced pleasure damage to vagina
  • Eve Grudge bonuses:
    • Sadistic Mood: Inflicts Masochism at start of combat
    • Defensive Measure: Starts combat wearing a groin protector
    • Revved Up: Seduction and Fetish bonus when aroused
Premium Only:
  • Art for Cassie x Mara threesome
  • Art for Angel 2nd Sex scene
  • Art for Jewel 2nd Sparring scene
  • Art for Mara Faeries scene
  • Art for Yui