Night Games – Cats, Escorts and Grudges Public Release!

Hi Everybody!

It’s been a week since the current update released for Patrons, so you know what that means. It’s now available for everyone!

Mega Link

This update obviously includes the sprites for Kat and Samantha that were our $400 Patreon goals. You’d never know it by looking at our current Patreon status, but we actually hit that goal quite recently. We’re going to have the sprites for Reyka and Eve in the next major update.

We’ve also got a lot of major mechanical changes designed to let you tailor the game difficulty and pace to your tastes. Old saves are compatible, but you may want to start a new game to take a look at the new modifiers that are available.

If you want to discuss the game, please consider clicking on that Forum link in the nav bar. It’s pretty quiet right now, but I’m hoping more people will join.

The full change log is very long and only a post back, so I’m not going to paste it in a again. Just scroll down a bit.


  1. I’m not precisely certain but the angel evasion grudge bonus seems to be a little insane. She literally dodges every single skill I throw at her, even when she’s knocked to the ground and I’m mounted on top of her. Is it a 100% evasion bonus or something? I’m even playing on easy mode, so my stats and level are WAY higher than hers.

    1. The bonus to her evasion is equivalent to her having an extra 40 points of Speed. It’s a grudge that can only come up after you beat her twice in a row, so it’s intended to be a significant challenge. The best way to handle it is to stick to skills that can’t miss, which is true of a lot of temptation skills. Stripping attempts do not take evasion into account, so her bonus shouldn’t effect your ability to undress her.

      1. Early game she just becomes unbeatable. You can’t really choose to not meet her on the shcool map, some matches can easily be 80% Angel fights.

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