Night Games update 12/13

Ok, so the order has changed again. I hit a block on the Twine game and went back to working on the Night Games update. I’ve completed everything that I feel like I need to have for the update. There are 3 new Opponents, a bunch of new skills, a bunch of new scenes, some new traits, a few new mechanics, and of course, bugfixes. I’m giving myself a week to test and try to squeeze in some last minute content, but I am committing to releasing the update a week from today. That’s the day before my first Final. Maybe I should have timed this better, but it’s probably best that I get it released before Finals week.

I should be releasing the Twine game shortly afterward, though it’s possible the 2nd girl may not make it into the initial release. The first girl is nearly complete, but the 2nd one is only about 60% written.


  1. Holy shit, that sounds great! I was just expecting something small like bug-fixes and some missing scenes being filled in. Thanks for the update; I’m really looking forward to it. G’luck on your finals once this is off your chest!

  2. Great news, looking forward to playing the new release. Seems to come with quite a bunch of new things.
    As much as i like to see the game progressing, please don’t neglect your studies too much 🙂

  3. Great news, I wait for the game with anticipation.

    Are there any particular ideas and short-term to-do you have? Things you can share are coming in? I was actually surprised that we get more girls – I sincerely expected, beside bugfixing a few more perks and most important – longer, sexier battle actions (probably would never reach a level of procedural smut story, but the closer it is the better) and augmentations descriptions (especially the latter would be nice so one would know not only how they affect stats but how do they feel etc).

    Anyway, no matter what we get and will get, thanks for your work!

    1. I’ve never been comfortable writing battle actions and descriptions. It always takes me way longer than I feel like it should and I’m rarely satisfied with the end result. I’m probably not the only one with this issue. Whenever someone asks me how they can contribute, I always suggest new battle actions. I’ve never received any submissions for those.

      My Night Games task list after this update is mostly filled by another planned opponent. I haven’t written much for her yet. She probably needs another dozen or so scenes as well as a new skillset. She may take me a while.

      Kat could use some more Daytime scenes, they aren’t in this update. I also have a few more threesome scenes storyboarded, but not written.

      1. Yeah, I guess I can understand your problem. If not the fact my English is subpar (not a native speaker), I’d offer a few lines – mostly what I’d expect, to be honest out of said battle actions and descriptions – one, two lines per action and maybe transitory line when it connects somehow to action after it.

        I still want to dream and hope that at least we’ll get such, possibly for augmentations as well so one will be able to get an idea what makes the magical/artifical body part, for example, better than the original – it’d be a great help for immersion, because without such, upgrades seem more like buffs more than game changers.

        Again, thanks for your hard work and for the answer. Personally, just to let you know – I wouldn’t mind if you’d take it easy on adding new characters – what we have is already good, it does just need to be polished. But do whatever you wwant – I suspect it will be fun to play with it either way.

      2. Maybe you should put up some sort of wanted page with things you’re looking for or willing to implement at the moment. But you might get a surge of popularity soon when this update hits.

        1. I think thats a really good idea. I would be intrested to see what you are looking for and it might be enough to push people to submit stuff, even if it it’s a only a couple of lines, every little helps.

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