Looking to commission a writer for Night Games

Hi everybody.

I don’t remember how publicly I talked about this, but a while back I decided I should spend some of our growing Patreon income on commissioning more writing. I contacted a couple writers to request 3 or 4 500-1000 word scenes per month. Unfortunately, that ended up falling through as both writers became too busy to write for me. This past month, I’ve been too busy dealing with a job change and moving to look for a replacement.

Now that I’ve finished moving into my new place, I do have some time to seek out and vet people. There doesn’t appear to be a good hub for adult writers looking for commissions, so I’ll probably post on reddit and then look through individual tumblr and deviantart accounts.

However, if you’re here because you enjoy Night Games and you have some writing experience, I’d be happy to hear from you. You can email me at thesilverbard@gmail.com with some of your writing samples, and we can discuss rates.

It should also be noted that we’ve cleared our $1000 goal to commission someone to consult on our UI. I think finding a freelance graphic designer who is open to small scale adult game work is going to take me some time. I’m also probably going to need to set aside some money for a few months so I can provide a decent project budget for them.

If that happens to be something you have experience with, by all means you can contact me for that too, but I’m less optimistic about this one.


  1. I would be interested, I do mine more as side writing so I’m not sure how good i’d be for you but its worth trying out for

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