Night Games Wiki being rebuilt

I just finished installing Dokuwiki on the webserver where I’m hosting this blog and the forum. It’s a it less user-friendly than Wikia, but there’s no risk of it suddenly getting removed.

I exported the contents of the old wiki when it was taken down. The syntax is a little different, so it’ll take some time for me to get everything copied into the new one.

The wiki should be accessible at the address below:

There are only a few pages right now, but I’ll try to get everything copied over today. Once everything is back to the state the old wiki was, I’ll spend some time updating and organizing everything.


  1. In your post, the “ki” at the end of your link “” has beenleft out of the link. Try clicking it. Copying and pasting the url works of course.

  2. Hi, maybe not best place to post this but I have a complaint about a game mechanic. As a tactic when I fighting an opponent I usually do following respectively. Knock them, mount them, pin them and bind them. But I realized going to trouble of mounting and pining them has not any advantages over just binding them after knocking them. In other words, if I have failed to binding them after mounting and pinning them they simply struggle and stand up at the same turn, but same is also applies to just binding them after knocking them.

    Long is short, struggling should save you only from mounting OR pinning, not both of them at the same time, you should have to struggle additional time if you have both mounted and pinned. Of course this also should applied for player character too. Escaping from both mounted and pinned situation should require an advanced trait or ability or feat or skill or etc.

    1. You should probably put this in the forum so that it’s easier to centralise feedback. Maybe have a gameplay thread where we can air grievances/discuss.

      As far as I can imagine from the text, pinning and binding is essentially the same thing. Thing is, binding an opponent requires zip ties, while pinning uses your hands instead. That means you need to spend money to do binding. Personally I never use pin, because binding always seems much more effective to me. I think it’s fully intended that both get removed at the same time.

      I personally think that if you make binding (which is already incredibly strong) or pinning too strong, the game becomes a race to see who can knockdown and basically paralyze the opponent first. As far as I could see, the last few updates have made these tactics consistently weaker, which is for the best. Any action that removes the ability to respond to the opponent, or the opponent to you, can quickly make every fight be the same.

      1. The other important difference between Bind and Pin is that pinning scales with Power. This means that pinning remains effective for a Power build late into the game, while zipties will be escaped in a single turn at higher levels.

        That said, I should probably change Bind to not be usable from the Standing Over position. That should make it more balanced in the early game.

      2. No, no you get it wrong. Read my previous post again.

        Knock her, mount her pin her, bind her

        If you had successfully bound her then do whatever you want to her for 1 turn because next turn she always breaks free (sometimes she breaks free even at the same turn you bound her so you have bind her again immediately), then try binding her again but if you can’t manage to do it she escapes not from pinning but mounting position as well which makes meaningless mounting and pinning, just knock her and bind her.

        So, she is not escaping from both binding and pinning at the same time but she is escapes pinning and MOUNTING at the same time.

        And a question here. I realized there is something called temptation damage. What is it? Is it something different pleasure damage which rises arousal?

        1. Temptation damage is arousal caused by non-physical sources. Strip-tease, whisper, etc cause temptation damage, but cannot cause orgasm on their own. Temptation is calculated differently and not affected by things such as sensitivity. It also gets bonuses based on the sexiness of the user’s outfit.

  3. A mode where the male lead is replaced by a female or female hermaphrodite?
    It would be easier to implement the female hermaphrodite since the hermaphrodite has both male and female genitalia, so you can still have all the same options, but just add getting fucked in the pussy.

    1. I had that as a Patreon goal for quite a while, but I recently re-evaluated what it would take to implement a female or herm player character. By my estimates, it would require ~200 scenes to be rewritten. Even with commissioning additional writers, that would probably mean a solid year with all other development halted just to catch up.

      With the same number of man-hours, I could finish Night Games and make a pretty good start on a new game that has gender selection implemented from the start. I think that’s a more reasonable allocation of resources.

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