Night Games – ETNG b4

Hi everybody!
It’ll be a while before the next content patch, but there are a bunch of bugfixes and tweaks that I wanted to make available in the meantime.
  • Adjusted the likelihood of gaining Speed by playing video games. It’s much higher than before, but decreases each time you gain a point.
  • Added messages to Video Games when failing to increase speed, to provide better feedback.
  • Each time you fail to increase speed while playing Video Games, it improves the likelihood of succeeding next time.
  • Character creation will now strip spaces from names to prevent later crashes
  • Reduced the rate that NPCs gain Affection with each other
  • Fixed a bug where Yui would not be recruitable if all other unlockable NPCs are already recruited
  • Added a check to all skills that create clothing to make sure user is not currently having sex
  • Added player affection to stats information provided by information broker
  • Fixed an issue with phantom images appearing using Hard AI
  • Clothing store now displays protection value and special properties of each piece of clothing
  • Clothing Change GUI now displays protection value and special properties of each piece of clothing
  • Maybe fixed an issue (unconfirmed), where player could not set their outfit to nude
  • Added a small check to ensure threesome scenes do not randomly occur more than once a day
  • Yui’s starting affection is now based on how much you visited her during the day before recruiting her
  • Changed report of Status effects to refer to characters by name
  • Damage reports now report the value after calculating traits and modifiers, rather than the raw value
  • Fixed a crash if player loses a fight without any underwear assigned
  • Changed the Clothing Change options so players must select a piece of underwear


  1. Question, does shadow bind usually take so long to break free from? It becomes hard to defeat Angel with it lasting several turns + her huge arousal damage

  2. I noticed sometimes when I defeat someone that had clothes, I don’t recieve their underwear (Or at least don’t get the message). I think it might have to do with me being stripped on the match(but I don’t think my clothes were dissolved, I’ll test some more)

      1. I currently have no skills capable of destroying underwear, and never use dissolving flasks. Also it seems to happen only when I defeat them without fucking. I just won 2 battles against fully clothed Jewel and Mara, no clothing destruction, but no underwear.

        1. Ok, one of the fixes in this last update changed how the check is made for whether underwear is intact. I’ll take a look and see if I broke something there.

          1. Well I just entered a fight with Angel wearing only her top … and still got her thong. Yet, when I enter a fight naked or when doing the naked challenge I think I always get no underwear.

            Also am I not supposed to get messages when I get stats(on daytime interactions with the girls) anymore? I don’t see them but the stats do change

        2. You’re right, I copy-pasted wrong and it’s checking whether the player’s underwear is intact. I’ll get it fixed.

          I am still seeing stat messages on Daytime scenes during testing.

          1. I guess that might be just me not scrolling all the way down …

            On another note, I think you kinda skip the night result when the first golden envelope event happens, you might want to check it

  3. Somehow it seems like Mara was wearing a strapon and her underwear at the same time in a fight. The description said she was wearing underwear, but the sprite showed the strapon, and when I removed her underwear, she was wearing the strapon. I’ll test some more to see if I can confirm that last part really happens, and not that she just put her strapon when I removed the underwear, but the sprite thing happened.

    And about the daytime activities stuff… I spend one weekday only sparring with Cassie, but somehow my cunning had increased (besides the power increase that was notified). In another try, both cunning and seduction had increased, but this time I noticed I also had a threesome scene. I have no idea what it might be. I’m level 17, Cassie’s level 14, 28 affection. This also happened with Jewel.

    1. I thought I saw the strapon bug happen with Angel during testing, but I couldn’t find a cause and couldn’t reproduce it, so I assumed it was my imagination. I’ll take a closer look and see if I can figure it out.

      There’s a thing that happens in the Daytime that is necessary for balance reasons, but I haven’t figured out how to display it to the player. Each NPC spends their days training, shopping, or visiting people, same as the player does. When they visit other characters, there’s a chance of gaining attribute points, just like when the player visits them. To keep the NPCs from becoming overpowered, the player is one of the people who NPCs can visit, giving the player some free training.

  4. Using ‘Masochism’ from the Fetish Skillset in fights (AI set to hard) during playing Night Games-ETNG b4.jar results in getting stuck afterwards with a blank main window and no commands available at all. This can also happen if a spawned Fetish Goblin uses Masochism. Then I can only restart from the last fight before.

    1. It looks like Masochism doesn’t play well with the optimization algorithm, though it’s not 100% clear why. I should at least be able to fix the symptoms, if not the underlying cause.

      Also, testing this has reminded me just how unfun the hard mode AI is to fight. I really don’t recommend that for anyone who isn’t super into optimization.

  5. Hey man, why is the price for Training with Suzume increasing after every visit despite me not actually picking training every time? Is this a bug or something?

    1. Prices for Training is based on your total advanced Attributes. If you’re gaining other Attributes, that will push Suzume’s training cost higher.

  6. I can’t find the “fly” button. I have Dark level 30 and the wiki said your supposed to get it at level 12 but I never seen it. Is there requirements for it or I’m just not looking in the right place?

    1. Man, I need to update some of those wiki pages. I copied over a lot of outdated requirements from the old wiki. Also, I noticed that Fly is still flagged as NPC only, which I thought I changed long ago. I’ll change it for the next update.

  7. I found a bug. When Kui is behind you she uses substitution. This puts you behind her and the game briefly replaces her name with yours.

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