1. I’ve been playing this release (NQMT1) for a little while. I’m level 26 now. I often save when it lets me, and then load that save a few times, trying different things during the day cycles. Once I hit level 20, the money from fighting dropped back to the original amounts, which isn’t much at that point. So now I don’t get a whole lot at the end of the nights. I’ve been on my second playthrough so I knew early on how to build my character pretty well, so it hasn’t been too bad to be low on money, but it’s a bug that could use fixing.

  2. Not seeing my earlier attempt at a comment; not sure if it’s there and I can’t see it or if it just didn’t work.

    Bug at level 20 resets the money earned each night to the original multiplier, making the amount you get pretty small compared to training fees. Might have something to do with saving and loading right as I hit 20.

    Also, using a Dark/Power build because I got tired of being pinned/helpless for so long at a time, but I’m seeing 10-15 turns before I can successfully “struggle” out of pins or tendrils at level 22-25. Intended? It’s the least fun thing in the game. I like everything else so far though.

  3. When I try to run the game, a window pops up for a moment saying “could not find or load main class”. I’ve tried some things i found on google, but none solved the problem. Anyone have any ideas that might help? Never ran into that issue with this game before.

    1. That’s not an error I’ve seen with Night Games. You could try redownloading the game in case the jar file was corrupted. You could also try reinstalling java if you haven’t already.

      1. I’ve tried reinstalling the current version of java, both 32 and 64-bits, even an older version of it, as well as redownloading the game through both of the links, to no avail. Even the FFNG version of the game does not work, so I guess it’s not just this version my pc decided it didn’t want to run anymore. The error doesn’t seem to make sense, as it should be encountered by everyone if it was there, not just me, so I’m assuming the issue is with my pc.

        1. Okay, turns out JRE is not compatible with windows 10. I was not aware of that. I was able to run the game through an alternative program called JavaExe, so i’ll just leave this comment here in case anyone else runs into that problem.

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