Plans for the next few months

I wanted to make a quick post about what people can expect from this site in the near future.

I put up a poll for my $5+ patrons to vote on the next girl to add to Seven Minutes in Heaven, like I usually do for upcoming Night Games content. The most votes by far went to the girl I was previously planning to add, so I already have some initial framework done for her. That should go smoothly.

I’ve been working on Team Strip Match in the meantime, but I’ve hit a significant block. I need to replace my placeholder character models with some nicer art, but I don’t really have any leads on 3d adult character artists. The only community I know about that specializes in that sort of artwork is renderotica, but that seems to be a very low traffic site, so it’s not very promising. I could buy the assets and put the characters together myself in Daz3d, but the quality probably won’t be as high compared to an actual artist’s work. If you are a 3d artist and are interested in a quick commission, please email me. If you know about another adult art community I should be checking, please let me know.

Despite it getting the fewest votes, I’m planning on developing Exhibition Day before Magic Academy Defense Force. I’ve put together project plans for each of them and it looks like Exhibition Day will be MUCH quicker. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will be good practice developing in Ren’Py before I attempt something more complex. Jumping right into Magic Academy Defense Force as my first Ren’Py game would probably not be feasible.


  1. That’s cool. I liked all of the concepts, but Exhibition Day sounded the best. There aren’t a whole lot of ENF (and no ENM that I know of) games out there, so it fills an interesting niche. Since you expect it to be much easier to pull off, how much replay value do you think ED will have? I think one of the best things about Night Games is that you can always go back and replay it over and over.


    1. It’s definitely less ambitious than Night Games. I’m not planning on any character growth between matches. I am trying to provide replayability by including special skills and weaknesses that can be selected at the start of a match to facilitate different strategies.

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