[Public Release] Not Quite Mara Time

The lastest update is now publicly available. There was a minor UI bug I fixed since the Patron release, so you may want to grab it again if you already downloaded it. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to change my focus to some of my other games for a while. If you haven’t voted in the strawpoll below, please do so. It’s much closer than I expected and I want to hear from as many people as possible.




Fixed an issue where Attribute modifiers from clothing would permanently affect saves
Added a trap priority system so Alarms and Decoys will not cover up other traps in the same area
Added a warning when prompting for a fight if other characters are in the area
Statuses are automatically removed if their magnitude is modified to 0
Changed some skill categories to account for new category: preparation
Mara gains a specialization skillset at Rank 4, Temporal Manipulation
New Temporal skill: WindUp
New Temporal skill: Haste
New Temporal skill: Cheap Shot
New Temporal skill: Emergency Jump
New Temporal skill: Attire Shift
New Temporal skill: Unstrip
New Temporal skill: Rewind
New Mara penetration victory scene by GruntledDev
Skill buttons are reorganized, also by GruntledDev
Redesigned the automatic events system to allow for more interesting scripting
Added option for alternate color scheme.
The Text color won’t change immediately when switching schemes, but it will catch up
New Samantha pegging victory scene by Jotor
New Samantha draw scene by Jotor
Maya’s scenes when you attempt to doubleteam her were reversed, fixed it
New Cassie/Mara threesome scene
Fixed an issue where status was not updating correctly


    1. If a new update is incompatible with old saves, I’ll mention it in the changelog. It’s been a long time since that was an issue, so unless your save is several years old, you should be fine.

  1. I have two… requests if you will.

    First, would it be possible to get an addition to the UI that lets us look over our traits? It gets hard to keep track of them (the ability to see all the abilities we’ve unlocked would be nice too).

    Second, could we get some listing on what each status effect does? Either in-game or on the wiki?


    1. UI improvements will be a priority when I return to focusing on Night Games. Fitting in the traits somewhere seems like a reasonable addition. I’ll do more work on the wiki before that and I’ll try to get all the status effects added.

      1. That’s be great!

        While I have you though, why does it seem like I can never hold onto the girls, yet they are able to keep me pinned for 5-10 turns?

        If I get pinned by jewel at all, the fight is pretty much over, even while using escape with 20+ cunning.

        1. The difficulty to escape a pin is based on the attacker’s Power, so Jewel is hard to get away from. If you’re not using a Power build, your pins aren’t going to be very effective.

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