[Patron Release]Night Games – Not Quite Mara Time

The Patron release of the next update has been released, so if you are a supporter, you can head over to my Patreon page and download it. As always, the public release will be in one week.

I want to apologize for how long this update took to release. I had some family stuff last weekend and I worked a lot of overtime during the work week. But even with that in mind, the fact that it took me more than a week to finish a few tasks that I expected to complete in a day is a sign that I need to take a break from Night Games for a bit. I was planning to write some story scenes for Mara before switching gears, but now I feel like I need to put that on the back burner.

The next thing on my ToDo list is to add a new girl to Seven Minutes in Heaven. That will be my current priority, but that’s almost entirely writing work. I also want to put some time into implementing one of my other game designs. I figured I’d put up a strawpoll to see which game appeals to people. Bear in mind that the results of the poll will not guarantee which game I work on. Other factors such as feasibility and asset requirements will influence my decision. Here are the three designs that I currently have on the table.
Team Strip Match (Working Title)
This friendly get-together is about to get hotter. Late in the party, someone suggested playing Strip Poker, but Caroline suggested a spicier team game instead. The deck of cards she brought was custom made for a game of stripping and teasing. Even the more modest party-goers were tempted by the prospect of seeing their hot friends naked and aroused.

This is already a fairly advanced prototype. Some of you have seen it. The game is a 3v3 strip card game, where the objective is to eliminate the opposing team by stripping them or over-arousing them. The current version is guys vs girls, but I plan to add more characters and allow the player to customize teams at the start of the match.
The prototype needs some decent 3d character models and some UI work before it will be ready for release, but it is in pretty good shape already. I will definitely finish the release at some point, even if it doesn’t earn many votes.
Magic Academy Defense Team (Working Title)
[Engine undecided, probably Ren’py]
Two aspiring magic students have been invited to the world’s most prestigious magic academy. When they arrive, they discover the academy has been taken over by a powerful succubus, who has already consumed most of the staff. The two transfer students are entrusted to secretly gather support from the other students and root out the demon’s underlings and free the academy from her influence.

This is a time-management strategy game where the player simultaneously controls a male and female magic student (no, this is not using the Harry Potter IP). The player will need to ally and seduce influential members of the academy to gain support, but sleeping with one of the succubus’s agents can corrupt your characters.

NPC roles will be randomly assigned at the start of the game, so players will need to gather information to identify their enemies. I have a spell system designed to handle the combat and keep it light, but interesting.
Exhibition Day
[Engine undecided, probably Ren’py]
What started with some poor planning and supervision has eventually become a university tradition. The annual athletic exhibition has become infamous for participants ending up naked and humiliated, and it has dramatically increased audience turnout. Despite the risk, plenty of students are still tempted each year by the prize money. They just hope they can keep their dignity intact.

This is an exhibition and public nudity focused game that shares some design principles with Night Games. This will be designed out of the gate for players and NPCs of both genders. Participants need to navigate an obstacle course while attempting to retain their modesty. This is made harder by poorly (or brilliantly) designed obstacles and competitors who are actively trying to strip their opponents to make them surrender. Everyone will probably wind up naked at some point, but the real question is whether they can cover up in areas where they are exposed to the audience.

This game features an action point system as well as a complex clothing/improvised coverage system. These interact by forcing players to balance using their hands for actions or using them to cover themselves. Participants are eliminated by being too humiliated to carry on. They can sabotage each other by stealing clothes, forcing each other into embarrassing positions, or even making each other orgasm in front of a crowd.

If you like any of these designs, please vote on my strawpoll:

If you have any questions about any of the designs, please leave a comment. Also, if you would like to propose better titles, please do so.

Also, Changelog for this update since that’s probably what you’re more interested in:

Fixed an issue where Attribute modifiers from clothing would permanently affect saves
Added a trap priority system so Alarms and Decoys will not cover up other traps in the same area
Added a warning when prompting for a fight if other characters are in the area
Statuses are automatically removed if their magnitude is modified to 0
Changed some skill categories to account for new category: preparation
Mara gains a specialization skillset at Rank 4, Temporal Manipulation
New Temporal skill: WindUp
New Temporal skill: Haste
New Temporal skill: Cheap Shot
New Temporal skill: Emergency Jump
New Temporal skill: Attire Shift
New Temporal skill: Unstrip
New Temporal skill: Rewind
New Mara penetration victory scene by GruntledDev
Skill buttons are reorganized, also by GruntledDev
Redesigned the automatic events system to allow for more interesting scripting
Added option for alternate color scheme.
The Text color won’t change immediately when switching schemes, but it will catch up
New Samantha pegging victory scene by Jotor
New Samantha draw scene by Jotor
Maya’s scenes when you attempt to doubleteam her were reversed, fixed it
New Cassie/Mara threesome scene


  1. The magic academy game just sounds like Night Games in a different suit so I’m not too jazzed about that since I’d rather see you work on completing Night Games instead. The exhibition game doesn’t peak my interest, but the card game does. It seems like it would be simple to pick up and play and wouldn’t require a huge time investment, but with some added strategy and team match-ups it could be a great game to keep coming back to. Looking forward to see how that one ends up, although I’m hoping you keep adding to Seven Minutes in Heaven over time so that we eventually have a lot of different girls to choose.

  2. i like the team stripping game ideas but the other 2….
    not to sound rude but they’re kinda stupid

    what would be really good is an text based fantasy rpg
    where a futa-girl character goes on a quest to beat a evil demon lord
    whit town menus for stores, guilds, bordels, arenas, skill trainer and stuff
    also with dungeons maps like in night games but instead of just walking around there
    are riddles and stuff to open doors and dungeon bosses and monster to
    many maps and also side quest to beat special monsters

    of course all battles are like in night games
    (making monster cum and then stab them to dead or soo)
    maybe making a team up to

    that would be a great game
    (i think)

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