[Public Release] Night Games – Moody Costume Party

Hello internet.

The most recent update is now available to everyone, you can download it at the link below or on my Patreon page.




Each of the main characters now has sprites for their advanced costumes
Each of the main characters now has expressions for each mood. They are a bit subtler than the old portraits
Fixed an error where light and heavy blush sprites were switched
Fixed an error with the requirements for Sleight of Hand
Increased success rate of knockdown skills
Restricted skill buttons to 2 rows on low resolution displays to ensure all buttons are accessible
Moved some UI elements around to make the top panel more compact and improve vertical resizing
Alphabetized skill buttons in each group. This will make hotkeys more consistent
Added art for Kiss (player initiated and opponent initiated)
Added art for Finger
Added art for summoning Female Faerie
Fixed the morning events (specifically the rank promotions) so the Next button works properly.
Added a rank advancement event at level 40.
Added a rank advancement event at level 50.
Challenges generated by the Challenge Seeker perk are now automatically triggered so they can’t be missed
Added a new Science training scene
A bunch of alternate text for common skills by Mistess Emily Morose
New status panel is a work in progress, but it should be functional


  1. So, if your ninjutsu skill is high enough to get secret stashes, you can’t start a match. Every time you press start it just generates another stash.

  2. Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I keep getting an error when trying to run the game with Java, and the FAQ isn’t helping much. Does anyone know what I should do or where to find a solution?
    Thank you

  3. This game seems fun, from a quick “playthrough”. Guess I’ll keep an eye on it, thanks for developing and sharing.

  4. The Challenge Seeker perk seems to bug the matches so that they won’t start after you get it.
    I had to save-edit mine out to get my matches to start.

  5. Reyka’s Clairvoyance trait seems to bug matches so that they won’t start no matter how many times you hit start match, also it doesn’t have a mouse over description.
    I’m really liking the new expressions, I’m finding myself ignoring the descriptions, and trying to read them by the pictures alone.

  6. I found a small typo when fighting Jewel, “Jewel pulls your arm between his legs, […] but you manage to yank your arm out of his grip.”
    And a small thing when I found Cassie masturbating by the pool, it gave off the pool description twice:
    “You notice Mara head toward the student union.
    You are by the indoor Pool […]

    You spot Cassie leaning against the wall […]
    You’ve gained Cassie’s Panties
    You notice Cassie start rigging up something weird, probably a trap.
    You are by the indoor Pool […]

    You find Cassie still naked from your last encounter, but she’s not fair game again until she replaces her clothes.”

    But aside from that, the rest of the update is looking good so far. The “>>” button sometimes ends up between to buttons but it’s totally playable now, so it’s no problem.

    1. Another related error: “Mara grabs a hold of your cloak and yanks it off before you can stop her. Before you can react, he also strips off your T-shirt”

      And in case it makes any difference, in the previous comment Jewel was still below rank 1, while this Mara is alrealdy a scientist

      Also, the button problems seem to be related to how long each button name is, because longer button names seem to force one or more buttons to another line (though not the proper one). For me it happens mostly with the locations and sometimes with the battle buttons.

  7. I apologize in advance but i couldnt find any other info on where to report bugs – did i miss that somehow?

    Anyways: In the MCP version there seems to be a bug with the ‘locate’ skill you get from Reyka. When you try to locate someone but you didnt earn any underwear trophy you are stuck at the select screen. There is no or any other option to leave the screen again.

    1. Here works. Even if I don’t reply, I read all these comments and try to track down any bugs mentioned.
      I’m just going to remove the Locate action. Every time I change something in the UI it ends up breaking again. It’s just not worth the Hassle at this point.

  8. Oh – i totally forgot to put that into my reply above:

    Would you mind checking the girls stats gain? I have been running some math and it doesnt add up. The girls earn far more stamina and arousal skills than should be possible. In my last game angel, mara and cassie where up to max arousal around 500-600 while i have been training each and every day and just reach some 250

    1. I double checked the code handling their stat gains and everything seems to be in order. The only character who gains stamina or arousal max on level-up is Maya (because she doesn’t have any daytime actions). The rest only gain stamina and arousal using daytime actions to exercise or watch porn, and they get the same rewards as the player.

      NPCs have a few more daytime actions per week than the player (70 per week vs 61), since they are kinda dumb and will visit shops when they don’t have anything to buy. However, that’s not enough to explain the discrepancy without some very unlucky RNG.

      If you’d be willing to email me your save file at thesilverbard@gmail.com, I’ll look into it. If you don’t want to do that, can you let me know what day you are at so I can do some math?

  9. I send you my latest autosave file via mail. Regarding the ‘locate’ function – i hope you dont delete it. I really loved that one as it actually helps regarding the envelope rewards. Isnt there a way to create a ‘standard-input’ for leaving a sub-option somehow? Without causing too much headache for you of course that is

    1. I haven’t seen that exact issue before, but I can make some suggestions.
      First, try redownloading the game, in case your copy is corrupt.
      Also make sure you’re running the game from a location where you have full read/write permissions. You can copy it to your documents folder to be sure.
      If it still won’t load, try reinstalling Java.

  10. I think I am encountering a bug. at least twice, mara appears to cause an automatic orgasm when using her footjob skill, regardless of what arousal status you had previously.

    …pretty sure even she isnt that good.

  11. So, its possible to use the “Locate” skill while not having a, ahem, trophy with which to use it with. and there’s no “cancel” button in that so, if you use locate, and aren’t given any of the girls as options, you’re kinda fucked. And not in the good way

  12. So I’ve discovered something that seems a little strange. Footjobs seem to do waaaaay too much damage. My character only has a +10% to them and my Seduction stat isn’t too high, but all of a sudden my footjobs oneshot everybody from zero arousal, even Angel when she has over 300 Arousal. Not sure if it’s a bug or what, but something doesn’t seem right there.

    1. Yeah, so there’s currently a missing decimal in the footjob damage calculation, so it’s doing 100x as much damage as it’s suppose to. It’ll get fixed in the next update.

  13. Hi there! I tried out your game and it’s mostly pretty interesting and easy to understand. I think I just have a couple of criticisms –

    The fighting is kind of grindy, or at least it’s not intuitive to figure out how to not make it grindy.

    I really don’t enjoy automatically losing to an ambush any more than I enjoy automatically winning. Actually, I enjoy it less because I’m being penalized for things entirely outside of my control with no chance to respond. I actually stopped playing after this happened to me three times in a row.

    I still don’t really understand what “mojo” does other than go up and go down.

    I don’t understand how to reliably initiate sex and I couldn’t find out why.

    I’m not sure what the difference is between a lot of the different attacks and I don’t know how to find out since the player feedback is deliberately obfuscated at low perception.

    Overall, I get that the combat is supposed to be kind of strategic, but it’s hard to have any strategy when you don’t really know the effects of what your options are. I think as a player it comes down to a matter of feeling like you have active control or not over what’s going on – if I’m just guessing what options are better, then I don’t feel like I have that control and obviously if I walk into a room and automatically lose or win, then definitely I don’t have that control.

    I’m sure players who have played the game a lot are acclimated to these issues, but as a completely new player, they really torpedoed my interest in pushing ahead to see any of the other content.

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