[Patron Release] Night Games – Moody Costume Party

The new update is now available for Patreon supporters. Hop over to my Patreon page to grab it.

This is a bit later than I planned, due to being sick this weekend. As a result, I haven’t done as much testing as usual. Please let me know if you run into issues.


Each of the main characters now has sprites for their advanced costumes
Each of the main characters now has expressions for each mood. They are a bit subtler than the old portraits
Fixed an error where light and heavy blush sprites were switched
Fixed an error with the requirements for Sleight of Hand
Increased success rate of knockdown skills
Restricted skill buttons to 2 rows on low resolution displays to ensure all buttons are accessible
Moved some UI elements around to make the top panel more compact and improve vertical resizing
Alphabetized skill buttons in each group. This will make hotkeys more consistent
Added art for Kiss (player initiated and opponent initiated)
Added art for Finger
Added art for summoning Female Faerie
Fixed the morning events (specifically the rank promotions) so the Next button works properly.
Added a rank advancement event at level 40.
Added a rank advancement event at level 50.
Challenges generated by the Challenge Seeker perk are now automatically triggered so they can’t be missed
Added a new Science training scene
A bunch of alternate text for common skills by Mistess Emily Morose
New status panel is a work in progress, but it should be functional

One comment

  1. Haven’t played this in a while; especially with the new art. Tried it many moons ago and it caught my interest, but I am just waiting for content/plot/etc to be a bit more fleshed out. When I played it way back, most anything pass level 20 or even less got repetitive and there was no need to read anything as passes and actions has been repeated many of times. Keep up the great work!
    Also, SMIH was great too; squandered some time on that, even more so with some replay value. Will be looking forward that any future updates for that too. New characters would be good, but expanding existing content would also be an interesting route to take (though much more of a hassle). If I had to compare NG with SMIH, I’d say SMIH has more quality for it’s size. It’s much more fleshed out (passages repeat, but changes depending on variable, etc), but NG has a lot more potential considering its foundation and size. TSM, however, wasn’t really my cup of tea. In my opinion, the prior 2 has a more interesting and novel approach while the latter is a bit cliche and over done.

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