I have a forum now (oh god, what have I done?)

Hi everyone,

Eagle-eyed visitors will notice I changed up the navigation bar a bit. There’s a new link up there labeled FORUM.

Since I’ve barely been utilizing my hosting, I decided to create a free forum, which should make it easier to keep track of and address bug reports and suggestions. Now I do read every single comment you guys post here, even if I don’t always respond. However I often don’t have time to address the issues right away and it can take me a while to scroll through all the comments to find the bug report again. Having bugs reported in a forum will make it easier for me to keep track of which ones I’ve addressed and responded to.

But I’m not just making the forum for bug reporting. I try to keep track of all the active adult games forums so I can keep track of discussion related to my games and new releases. I’ve noticed that there aren’t really a lot of such forums and each one tends toward specialties. Even general forums like Fenoxo’s, ULMF, or Hongfire each have a noticeable style of game the community favors.

My games don’t fit particularly well with most of those communities, and I often see other developers with similar issues. If my forum gets enough users and traffic to get off the ground, I’m sure it will trend towards some adult game culture, but hopefully it’ll be something new.

I’ve never administered a forum before, so maybe this will go horribly wrong, but who knows? If you have a bug to report, something you want to discuss, or a game you want to promote, I encourage you to register an account and make a new topic.


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