[Public Release] Night Games – That Update With Sprites

Good News Everyone!

It’s been a week since the last Patron Update, so it’s now available to everyone. I’m celebrating with a small glass of cheap bourbon. This is the first update since AimlessArt joined the team, and if the Patreon is any judge people are quite excited about it.

If you were planning to support us on Patreon, you probably would have done so already to get the early update. However maybe you just found the game, or you were waiting to try the game before committing. Regardless, if you like the game please consider supporting us on Patreon so we can make it better. There are also some new Patron tiers, so take a look even if you are already a supporter.

Note that this version includes bugfixes I made during the week. So you may want to redownload the update even if you grabbed the Patron version already.




  • Obviously there are now sprites for the 4 main girls
  • Changed Look and Feel to Nimbus
  • Implemented the keyboard shortcuts based on Nergantre’s and dndw’s mod.
  • Implemented skill button filtering, again based on the design in the mod.
  • Redesigned the main GUI’s color scheme based on some simple Usability guidelines. There should be less eye-strain as a result
  • Added Traits to the status panel with tooltips
  • Added Tooltips to the Attributes in the status panel describing what they do
  • Nerfed Defabricator. If opponent passes a speed check, it only destroys a single article of clothing.
  • Added an easy mode to character creation for people who want to win really easily
  • Pimp hand starting trait now causes Slap to be available at the start of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where flasks and potions appeared in command panel when unavailable
  • Science attribute now gives a bonus to all sex toys
  • Kicking while prone using Jewel’s Dirty Fighter perk now does 50% more damage
  • Leadership and Tactician traits now scale with Perceptions
  • Completely redesigned the Character Creation UI
  • Highlighted some lines in Aesop’s text to indicate tutorial information
  • Pain attacks that reduce arousal now do so based on total damage
  • Replaced Exhibitionist starting Trait with Streaker, which is more powerful
  • Buffed Bramaster and PantyPeeler traits by 30%
  • Slight of Hand is now attached to a Feat instead of unlocking with Cunning
  • Added day of the week to time display
  • Replaced Jewel’s placeholder Games scene.
  • Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Footjob, Paizuri, and Piston now have damage bonus at high Mojo
  • Kiss, Kick, Handjob, Finger, Strip Top, and Strip Bottoms now have EX versions that are more effective, but cost Mojo
  • Added a brief tutorial to explain some of the basic combat mechanics at new game
  • There’s an option to skip the tutorial during player creation
  • Changed how all the advanced trainer costs are calculated. It’s now based on the total points you have in all advanced skills
  • Added a bunch of conditional versions of the daily morning message to add some variety.
  • Moved the combat-based art into the scrolling text pane. This is actually a much more flexible implementation.
  • Added 2 new strengths
    • Streaker: bonus mojo, speed and stamina regen when nude
    • Toy Master: More effective with all sex toys
  • Added multiple new feats, many of which make use of the prerequisite system
    • Very Fast Learner: +10% xp, stacks with Fast Learner
    • Clingy: Pins are harder to break
    • Houdini: Bonus to escaping pins based on Cunning
    • Coordinated Strikes: Bonus Pet power based on Cunning
    • Evasive Manuevers: Bonus Pet evasion based on Cunning
    • Hand Proficiency: +10% finger/handjob damage
    • Hand Expertise: +20% finger/handjob damage
    • Hand Mastery: +30% finger/handjob damage
    • Oral Proficiency: +10% cunnilingus/blowjob damage
    • Oral Expertise: +20% cunnilingus/blowjob damage
    • Oral Mastery: +30% cunnilingus/blowjob damage
    • Intercourse Proficiency: +10% fucking damage
    • Intercourse Expertise: +20% fucking damage
    • Intercourse Mastery: +30% fucking damage
    • Footloose: +30% Footjob and Kick damage
    • Bounty Hunter: Double rewards from gold envelope challenges
    • Challenge Seeker: Gold Envelope appears at start of match
    • Showoff: Masturbation builds a great deal of Mojo
    • Amateur Magician: Enables Slight of Hand skill
  • Added Female Imp image by AimlessArt
  • Added Dark Promises image by AimlessArt
  • Added low resolution sprites for smaller displays
  • Fixed an issue where Defabricator generated the nude message on a miss
  • Fixed an issue where arousal filters would not appear on sprites when nude
  • Reduced the amount of window resizing, which was annoying when playing full-screen
  • Added new Mara draw scene submitted by Sakruff


  1. New UI: Excellent. Much better usage of space, things are clearer, the bolded text for important information is very useful, especially when there’s big blocks of text.

    Balance changes: Fantastic! The old system of learning strictly better techniques got old pretty quickly, where both you and the girls were pretty much just spamming the same few attacks even though you had over a dozen available. Now with the EX attacks and specialization feats, you can tailor your playstyle to your preferences. This also gives Mojo a much-needed use, especially in the early matches when nobody’s unlocked any of the advanced skills yet.

    Sprites: Great!…sort of. Aimless Art’s definitely delivering with the quality visuals, and being able to see your opponent’s state of dress is a nice touch and kind of important for the subject matter. Except…the old, emotive portraits not only added a lot of personality to the girls, but also gave you useful information for how you’re doing in the fight. Getting AA to create expression sprites to go with the clothing sprites should definitely be a high priority.

    1. Adding expressions to the sprites is the next item on the ToDo list. I’ll probably post a preview when they are complete.

  2. The elements aren’t really resizing well for me at times. It sometimes doesn’t resize at the map screen so some of the buttons can’t show, and don’t show even when resizing. I think it also happened with battle buttons once.
    Also, with angel and jewel fighting at the pool, “clean up” is over one of the options (hide?). With the information broker, “leave” is over one of the options (the option doesn’t really appear in the top row even if there is space)

    Oh, and the title screen doesn’t center on the title even in fullscreen, and if you resize on the title screen, it resizes back to default. Also, starting a new game from a runnig game screws with the character creation screen a little.

    Public release on a laptop pc, Windows 10 and 1080p screen here. Java 8 update 121 here.

    1. I’m aware the UI doesn’t display well on 720p screens. I’m looking into possible solutions and will hopefully have something for it in the next update.

  3. Awesome! Nice work by you and Aimless Art. Although, not wanting to sound ungrateful, but there are some sprites that aren’t as well done as others in my opinion, such as Jewel’s (that, I think, is the primary point), and also it would be cool to have the girls in different positions according to their level of clothing (although I imagined it could be coming along with the mood sprites, but if it isn’t I think it would add a lot to the game) separated from mood regulated sprites, like when she’s neutral but her clothing varies. I also thought about different sprites for special occasions, like fighting position for kimono Jewel and mean/playful/evil smiles for girls with strap on dildos. I know all of this is a lot of work, but I thought it would be a good idea to throw out some ideas that maybe could help you.

  4. been having a lot of trouble with my saves. Sometimes they disappear between games, other times they load but then immediately freeze and don’t allow me to hit next (though I can check my status and inventory)

      1. The last update changed how those morning events are processed. If that’s causing save issues, I’ll see if I can track it down and fix it.

  5. Slight of hand seems to still become available if you get the relevant stats high enough;
    I ended up with bounty hunter and challenge seeker, but never really ended up finding the note on any of my matches. (I’ve done at least 30 since acquisition.) If it’s supposed to rewarded automatically, it’s not working. If you have to hunt it down, then it may not be activating. It’s also possible the fact that I follow patterns is possibly causing me to miss it, or maybe causing others to find it first.

    Bug reports out of the way, I’m liking the new sprites, and can’t wait to see the sprites for the extended characters, the new menu makes everything a thousand times easier to find and work with, especially once you get late game clutter.

    1. It looks like I only changed the Sleight of Hand requirements for NPCs, I’ll get that fixed in the next patch.
      There’s some game logic trouble with the Challenge Seeker trait. It looks like it does place the challenge in the character’s starting location as intended, but the character doesn’t see it because they only pick up stuff upon entering the area. I could directly trigger the challenge on match start, but it’s probably a better change to have characters check for deployables in the area at the start of turn. Either way, I’ll get it fixed.

  6. Great update!

    The new art is incredible. Are we able to commission the artist directly to add more art to the game? I need to see Kat and Reyka in this amazing art style.

    Regarding the lists of traits and items (and likely others), can they be put in alphabetical order? It would be much easier to search long lists to see if certain things are learned or owned.

    I find it frustrating that skills can change their position, which changes the associated key to press or area to click to use them. It’s annoying to have to constantly check the list to confirm if my Whisper skill on key X is suddenly on key Y, which may just as well be key Z next turn depending on positions and clothing changes. When filtering by category, can each action have its own dedicated slot?

    The new skill filter buttons themselves are a great idea. I don’t like the color scheme options though; I wish there were much darker schemes available, or perhaps the option to simply pick your own background and text colors. Out of anything I mentioned above, I most want a way to have light text on a dark background, guidelines be damned, as it’s a great comfort to my eyes.

  7. Hmm, the update is good but there’s a rather game-breaking glitch I’ve experienced for quite a while. Once I get a decent amount of progress, all text will sometimes dissappear mid fight- the buttons are still there but dont do anything, so the only way to escape is to exit round. And it seems the further I get into one playthrough, the more often it happens, to the point that around level 15 and higher it becomes practically unplayable.

    Besides that? Still a really solid game, just wish I could play more before an effective game over.

  8. I seem to be having a small issue with the game where when I’m provided with multiple choices, some sort of invisible wall cuts off several of the choices along the bottom row or hidden behind other choices. Its making it difficult to walk around when I can access an area, but the option to go there is not visible or the words are cut off horizontally. Can you help me find a solution to this please?

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