[Patron Release] Night Games – That Update With Sprites

At long last, the new update for Night Games is available to Patreon supporters. If you are a patron, head over to my Patreon page to download the update. If you aren’t a supporting yet, this may be a good time to start. In addition to AimlessArt’s great character sprites, we’ve done a ton of work on the UI. I think it looks great.

If you can’t or don’t want to support us on Patreon, this update will be available to everyone in about a week. Also, if you don’t mind some shameless shilling, we’ve recently added some higher Patreon tiers with rewards based on AimlessArt’s work.


  • Obviously there are now sprites for the 4 main girls
  • Changed Look and Feel to Nimbus
  • Implemented the keyboard shortcuts based on Nergantre’s and dndw’s mod.
  • Implemented skill button filtering, again based on the design in the mod.
  • Redesigned the main GUI’s color scheme based on some simple Usability guidelines. There should be less eye-strain as a result
  • Added Traits to the status panel with tooltips
  • Added Tooltips to the Attributes in the status panel describing what they do
  • Nerfed Defabricator. If opponent passes a speed check, it only destroys a single article of clothing.
  • Added an easy mode to character creation for people who want to win really easily
  • Pimp hand starting trait now causes Slap to be available at the start of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where flasks and potions appeared in command panel when unavailable
  • Science attribute now gives a bonus to all sex toys
  • Kicking while prone using Jewel’s Dirty Fighter perk now does 50% more damage
  • Leadership and Tactician traits now scale with Perceptions
  • Completely redesigned the Character Creation UI
  • Highlighted some lines in Aesop’s text to indicate tutorial information
  • Pain attacks that reduce arousal now do so based on total damage
  • Replaced Exhibitionist starting Trait with Streaker, which is more powerful
  • Buffed Bramaster and PantyPeeler traits by 30%
  • Slight of Hand is now attached to a Feat instead of unlocking with Cunning
  • Added day of the week to time display
  • Replaced Jewel’s placeholder Games scene.
  • Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Footjob, Paizuri, and Piston now have damage bonus at high Mojo
  • Kiss, Kick, Handjob, Finger, Strip Top, and Strip Bottoms now have EX versions that are more effective, but cost Mojo
  • Added a brief tutorial to explain some of the basic combat mechanics at new game
  • There’s an option to skip the tutorial during player creation
  • Changed how all the advanced trainer costs are calculated. It’s now based on the total points you have in all advanced skills
  • Added a bunch of conditional versions of the daily morning message to add some variety.
  • Moved the combat-based art into the scrolling text pane. This is actually a much more flexible implementation.
  • Added 2 new strengths
    • Streaker: bonus mojo, speed and stamina regen when nude
    • Toy Master: More effective with all sex toys
  • Added multiple new feats, many of which make use of the prerequisite system
    • Very Fast Learner: +10% xp, stacks with Fast Learner
    • Clingy: Pins are harder to break
    • Houdini: Bonus to escaping pins based on Cunning
    • Coordinated Strikes: Bonus Pet power based on Cunning
    • Evasive Manuevers: Bonus Pet evasion based on Cunning
    • Hand Proficiency: +10% finger/handjob damage
    • Hand Expertise: +20% finger/handjob damage
    • Hand Mastery: +30% finger/handjob damage
    • Oral Proficiency: +10% cunnilingus/blowjob damage
    • Oral Expertise: +20% cunnilingus/blowjob damage
    • Oral Mastery: +30% cunnilingus/blowjob damage
    • Intercourse Proficiency: +10% fucking damage
    • Intercourse Expertise: +20% fucking damage
    • Intercourse Mastery: +30% fucking damage
    • Footloose: +30% Footjob and Kick damage
    • Bounty Hunter: Double rewards from gold envelope challenges
    • Challenge Seeker: Gold Envelope appears at start of match
    • Showoff: Masturbation builds a great deal of Mojo
    • Amateur Magician: Enables Slight of Hand skill


  1. I have a question. Do you have any intention on doing the protag’s sprite as well? Seeing you in the same art as the girls could make things more interesting. Seeing his expression as well as hers. You could even offer some options of hairstyles, eye color, skin color, etc to personalize your main character for your playthrough. Different clothing options too.

    1. I think the amount of art required to make the protagonist satisfyingly customizable would be better used elsewhere in the game. I don’t know whether AimlessArt agrees, we haven’t really discussed it.

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