Real Life Happens

So I am no longer an unemployed software engineer. I just started my new (quite lucrative) job, which required me to relocate. Between the pre-employment stuff and moving, I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done. I won’t have Mara’s story scenes done by the end of the month. However, I do have quite a bit of other content ready to go and I want to keep my promise of releasing something by the end of the month. I’m going to split this update, spend the next couple days testing, and put out the non-story content on Thursday. I should be able to finish the story content in a couple weeks and put that out as its own update.

This update will have a few community-submitted scenes, some UI updates, and the new skillset. However, the events that unlock the skillset for the player will not be implemented yet. You’ll see Mara start to incorporate these skils at high level, but if you want to use them before then, you’ll need to do some save-editing.

After the story half of the update is released, I’ll probably start working on some new content for Seven Minutes in Heaven. There’s a chance I may decide to try to get one of my other prototypes to a releasable state instead. We’ll see.

Back up and running

I just received my new laptop and have installed my development tools on it. I’ve implemented the new late game skills I was planning to add, but I still have a half dozen scenes to write before the update will be ready. It’s going to take a lot of work to catch up after losing my laptop, but I’m going to aim to have the update ready in about a week.

R.I.P. Laptop

I’m currently on a week-long vacation. I had hoped to use this time to finish up the next Night Games update. but unfortunately my laptop died two days ago. The display and video card are both fried. At this point it no longer makes sense to keep replacing parts. It’s time to lay this seven year old laptop to rest. I’ve borrowed enough money to order a new laptop, but it will take a couple weeks to arrive. I did back up all my work and I’ll have access to a desktop next week, but this is setting my schedule back substantially. I should be able to get the update out before the end of the month, but I can’t promise much more than that at this point.


Not in Night Games, but in real life. I can see how that would be confusing.
As of today, I officially go from Software Engineering student to unemployed Software Engineer. I’ll need to do something about the unemployed part in the next few weeks.

You guys are probably more interested in how the next Night Games update is going. As I’ve previously mentioned, the next update is going to focus on scenes and skills related to Mara. With how busy this month has been and will continue to be, the update probably won’t be released until a week or so into June. Fortunately I have a couple contributors chipping in, so that update may contain more content than I had planned.

In other news, I’ll hopefully have something new and interesting to show my $5+ patrons pretty soon. It’s not something I planned to be a patron reward, but I want to get feedback on my new prototype from a small group of people before it’s ready for a public alpha. That reward tier has about the right number of people who I figure will be likely to respond.

Night Games Wiki is starting to come together

I had a few free hours today, so I added a bunch of pages to the Night Games Wiki. There’s still a lot of missing or placeholder pages, but it’s starting to reach the point where it might be useful to people. Of course, the wiki is lower priority than actually developing the game, so I can’t devote the time needed to complete everything right away. If other people want to contribute some of the missing content that would help me out a lot.

Updated Seven Minutes in Heaven

Since my laptop is working again, I just uploaded a small update to Seven Minutes in heaven. It fixes some bugs related to time, some of which were beneficial, some of which were harmful. Overall, both Steph and Alina are probably a little harder now. I also fixed some bugs that were blocking off bits on Steph’s content. Nothing game changing, but there’s a bit more there now. I also added a new Ending 0 for Alina. It’s slightly harder to get than her Ending 1. Good luck.

In other news, my Patreon just reached $100. Yay! I want to thank all my patrons for your support. Since we’ve passed the goal, I will be putting some more effort into getting the Wiki to actually usable condition. For the people who are worried, this shouldn’t eat into my normal development time.

Edit: Since some people are getting frustrated by the difficulty and the fix probably makes it harder, I’m offering mercy. There’s now an option to cheat and give yourself 10 minutes instead of 7.

Back up and running

The replacement part I needed just arrived. I installed it and my laptop is now working normally. I can get back to work.

Seven Minutes in Heaven has been fairly well received so far. The first order of business will be a couple of bug fixes and adding a new ending for Alina. I should be able to accomplish that today. Then I will be focusing on the next Night Games update. After that is released, I’ll devote time to adding a 3rd girl to Seven Minutes in Heaven. I should probably find a good abbreviation for that title, 7MH? 7MiH? Maybe not.

You may notice my Patreon is approaching its first real goal, which is to clean up the Night Games Wiki. I got a head start on it the past few days since I wasn’t able to do any development work. It’s gonna need a lot more work, but I don’t want to take time away from working on the actual game. I’ll just do some work on it during what would normally be my free time. Since it is a public wiki, I encourage members of the community to chip in and help fill out some of the lacking pages. I know it’s easier for me to do, since I can quickly reference the source code.

It was just a matter of time…

The next vital component on my (admittedly very old) laptop has decided to die. This time it’s my processor fan. The important thing is there’s no risk of data loss. I’ve ordered the replacement part, but I’ll probably be out of commission for up to a week. I’m hoping the rest of the laptop holds together until I have a decent job with enough savings to buy a new one. There are several more expensive components that could go any day.

Fetish Futa Ninja Goblins Bugfix 1

Here’s an update that corrects some of the GUI issues introduced when I added the minimap. There are also some balance changes to a few high level skills.!XNQyjDwR!4LyMSZZwyq4eO2UiF4G1NKByj0tU9VdXT5GaXubhdRg


Characters with the Exhibitionist trait will trend towards horny when running around naked instead of nervous
Shameful display is more effective if opponent has dominant mood
Beg is more likely to succeed if opponent has dominant mood
Beg and Purr always miss against opponents that are angry or desperate
Maya’s hypnosis skills can now be used if target is Enthralled
Fixed crash associated with clothing change UI
Fixed issue where portraits were not displaying properly