Expect Night Games Update Friday

I’ve put off this update long enough. I finished the content I originally planned for this update more than a month ago, but during testing, I kept finding things I wanted to change, and thus the scope of the update has ballooned.
As of last night, I’m calling this update officially done and will stop adding new content until I finish testing and release it. In addition to a totally new opponent, there are enough major gameplay changes that I’ll need a few days of solid testing.
Unless I run into something major during testing, I plan to release the update on Friday for Patreon supporters. There will also be something special for $5+ Patrons, but I’ll provide more details about that when the update goes up.


    1. Oh I know. I have to go in there and clean out spambots every day. Fortunately I’m gradually building up a banlist of the most common bots, so it’s starting to slow down.

    1. I haven’t decided what to do about the wiki yet. Hosting my own turns out to be significantly more complicated than using a common one like Wikia. Once this release is out and I have time to process bug reports and comments, I’ll spend some time figuring out a solution.

      1. You could use the forum as a temporary solution, put up a bunch of stickied threads with posts listing the game’s moves and features and details about what they do or how to unlock them. Would also allow for a more direct place for people to ask questions about specific moves, stats or characters.

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